The best accessories you shouldn’t miss on PS5

For all proud PS5 owners This article interests you. Today we will meet everyone. The best PS5 accessories You shouldn’t miss it if you’re a true “freak.”

Let’s take a look at which PS5 accessories are the best. We evaluate all types of accessories, whether official or not. They can improve your gaming experience and raise your level..


DualSense Edge wireless controller

at An improved version of the Sony wireless controller. For the 5th generation flagship product

Present some Minor improvements in traction of control due to its rough surface.

Remember when people said the original DualSense’s triggers were too hard? This model is presented. Three options to control trigger strength and intensity.This way you will have much better control over this button.

It also presents Very useful new buttonYou will have the possibility to use both new triggers and 2 new configurable buttons. Please note that You can use multiple profiles. to switch between games

The negative side of this improved controller is its battery consumption. The DualSense Edge’s battery life is significantly worse compared to the original controller. The battery drains much faster.Can be used for only 6 hours

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Playstation – Remote…

  • Personalized Gaming Experience: Designed to deliver high performance and customization so you can play your way, the new PS5 controller invites you to create your own gaming experience.
  • Pro Gaming: Various Joystick Covers Interchangeable, interchangeable joystick module, adjustable trigger length, braided USB cable with lockable housing, interchangeable rear buttons or levers and a non-slip internal handle

playstation portal

enjoy Highest video quality It’s in the palm of your hand with PlayStation Portal.. This product is not a portable console, even though it may seem so.

PlayStation Portal is a remote control for hands-free access to your favorite console. It’s remote access. You will need to be connected to a WiFi network to play..

In other words, it’s Sony’s way for you to take advantage of everything it has to offer. PlayStation 5 without a television.

Technically it’s great. It has 8-inch HD quality LCD screen with 60 frames per second. In addition, the sound system is characterized by a high level and quality of sound.

There are many people who say that this product has poor functionality. But after using it for several days It is without a doubt the best PS5 accessory. It looks incredible and you can play your favorite fairy tale from bed. which is truly luxury

important: Only one portal controller can be connected. Two Portal controllers cannot be connected to the same game console at the same time.

You can buy this item from them. Official page here

Pulse 3D headphones

The Pulse 3D wireless headphones are available in a variety of colors. Created by industry expertsThese headphones or earphones Characterized by convenience and ease of use..

offer 3D sound technology is perfectly compatible with the PS5 system.. It is designed to facilitate use during games due to the presence of buttons. Adjust game volume and chat volume freely.What’s amazing is that you don’t need to pause the game to edit these settings.

Also Provide services for entertainment system PS4 Using a wireless adapter

If you want to hear the game as it was designed You can find a link to the black PS5 accessories here.

High resolution webcam

HD Camera for PS5 has Elegant design, as well as usageBecause it has adjustable support So you can place it easily.

have Excellent HD video quality (1080p) Where you can go live with many options to control what your viewers see.

you can Erase the background behind you. If you want more privacy using Sony software

It is worth mentioning that Sony HD cameras are not compatible with the PlayStation VR system..

You can access this product from the following link.

PlayStation HD Camera -…

  • at the speed of light
  • Harness the power of a solid state drive with built-in I/O, custom CPU and GPU that redefine what a PlayStation console can do.

vertical support

We all know that the latest version of PlayStation has a grand design. This design basically allows us to place the system vertically instead of horizontally. But this can be very unstable and they can fall down very easily.

In case you have a cat at home or small children, you We recommend that you place the console in a suitable manner with the PS5 vertical stand..

You need to consider before buying which PS5 model you have. Models with and without disk drives come in different shapes and sizes. Choose the one that matches your version..

Easy to install, you can find this product. here.

external hard drive

There are those who consider this important point to improve our experience with Sony gaming consoles. That is why we have brought you this. Officially licensed hard drive for PS5

at The internal memory that video game consoles have is generally very low.It allows for the installation of 3 or 4 heavy video games and a few games that don’t take up much space.

Even though it’s not absolutely necessary, many people try to expand the memory of their gaming consoles. So that you don’t have to keep track of your remaining storage space.

The most recommended option on Amazon is a 4TB hard drive that is compatible with SeaGate brand game consoles.Indeed, this product alone is one of the best PS5 accessories in its own right.

Please note that some hard drives require console system updates. Select this option if you cannot connect.

You can find this hard drive at the following link.

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Seagate Game Drive for…

  • Officially licensed Made with compatible firmware to work seamlessly with all PS5 and PS4 models.
  • PS5 Support Store all your PS5 games and transfer them to the console when playing.

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