Cooking equipment and improve results in the kitchen

Cooking equipment is a product that facilitates the cooking process. It may vary according to use, size and usage, but in the end All of this was created to help you in the kitchen. The best thing is that these products are made with ingenuity and technology that actually works on their own.

can Use them in baking.For your food business or just cooking for the family. In any case There are many kitchen equipment items. And today we bring you the most innovative device on the market. You will know how it works, its price, and how to best use it. Let’s take a look at the list of the best cooking equipment.


9 cooking tools you can’t stop using in the kitchen

After knowing these things cooking utensils You will never stop saying I want it! No matter how old you are These products will catch your attention. And you definitely want to have one at home. Below are 9 of the best. cooking equipment From the market:

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IKEA grill

he IKEA grill It is a product mainly used in baking. To help separate the grains from the flour. and create different textures in your preparation. Its shape is a beer jar made of stainless steel. Inside, there is stainless steel mesh which when stirred together will result in a lighter dough without lumps.

this IKEA kitchen equipment It measures 9.5 cm in diameter and 10.5 cm in height. It is ergonomically designed and has a stainless steel and plastic handle which helps in holding and shaking. Can be used to decorate desserts or hot drinks, and is also suitable for preparing steamed buns or omelets.


this kitchenware set It comes with a wide range of products to facilitate the process of chopping, slicing, dicing, and transporting food. They come in different colors so they are easy to spot on a table or in a storage drawer.

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help in Prepare food in record time Its sharp blades allow you to cut food. Moreover, its ergonomic design allows for fast and safe cutting. You can find UPPFYLLD in various combinations and offerings such as vegetable slicers, graters, everything choppers, containers, strainers, juicers, and more.

vegetable cutting machine

at Vegetable cutter serves to chop food. in the same size and shape They come in a compact system that makes the cutting process easy with easy back and forth movements. Adjust the cutting thickness and get great results in preparing food in a beautiful way.

Thanks to its small size Doesn’t take up much space In the drawer, you can find manual or electric vegetable cutters made of plastic or stainless steel. This cooking equipment is widely used in the food business because of its speed in cutting food.

Fantast thermometer/timer

Unlike Meater+, Fantast is a digital thermometer designed to Measures temperatures up to 250 °C.This makes it totally able to withstand these temperatures. It works using a cable that plugs into the oven and from the LCD screen you can know the level of the food.

It is also used at low temperatures, e.g. Cold level The food needs It works on batteries and comes from the Ikea brand. The exterior is black and made from ABS plastic and rubber.

saw peeler

at saw peeler It is very useful in cooking because it allows you to peel food quickly and easily. You can remove the peel or skin from vegetables, fruits or fish with just one and completely easy motion. Saw blade types can vary in shape and size to achieve different types of cuts.

Luch vegetable and fruit dumper

g Luch vegetable and fruit dumper Used to wash the inside or contents of these foods. Made from stainless steel and consisting of a long stem at the head and a remover at the end that adapts to all types of fruits and vegetables.

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The handle is ergonomic and durable. Helps to hold the container better. The pulp is easily removed from the food.. Leave it empty and ready to proceed with any type of preparation. Lurch’s fruit and vegetable dumper has a locking button to prevent the cutter from coming out completely. This is because it allows for changing stems.

Lékué vegetable slicer

he Lékué vegetable slicer It is one of the most useful cooking tools because of the results. You can turn a big meal into rice with just one move.

You just need to place the food in the processor. Close the lid and rotate the blade.. Processed food is placed in removable containers. Depending on the thickness you want, you can rotate the blade multiple times. The blades are made of stainless steel and when processing food they retain their properties.

Lékué grinder...

Lékué grinder…

  • It’s easy, safe, and fun. Shred broccoli or cauliflower to add more veggies to your dish.
  • Tear the broccoli and cauliflower enough to resemble rice grains. You can control the size of the grain yourself.

Home fermentation set

Fermenting food at home is a very common process due to its beneficial effects when consumed. One of them is Facilitates digestionIt also creates vitamins and organic acids that help the body.

have Home fermentation set It is used to prepare food and achieve proper fermentation. Even the canning process, which is key to fermentation, can be done with these cooking tools.

These cooking utensils are very useful in any home or food business. Because it is useful in preparing food Helps speed up the process Improve results Help you create new dishes and more as a cooking lover. Which of these products do you like most?

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