Prevent your cell phone from being spied on with these tips.

If you’ve ever heard the phrase, “Between heaven and earth there is nothing hidden” is without a doubt the entire truth and even more so. Internet use social network and mobile phone. But who can spy on your cell phone? from strangers People who want to scam you, your partner, or even the apps or tech companies themselves are some of the agents that spy on your cell phone.

This action is very common, and only a few people know about it, and they are the most vulnerable. For Prevent them from spying on your mobile phone. We’ve prepared a set of tips to increase safety and minimize the incidence of scams. It’s important to know them and share them with friends and loved ones who are often unprotected by technology.


Every time we connect to the internet Download the mobile application or even use our camera We are like that. Exposure to spying. to reduce this operation We have a set of recommendations that increase safety. Additionally, your alerts will be activated whenever you are in a risky situation. Let’s find out the most effective ways to prevent your cell phone from being spied on:

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What is the code ##002# for?

The code “##002#” was used. Prevent them from spying on your mobile phone. Through well-known operations such as call forwarding, that is, when you receive a call on your mobile. You can have them call another number and receive the call from there. It could be another cell phone or a landline. It all depends on the configuration.

to Transfer callsSpies will not have access to your personal mobile phone. But it only accesses the phone from which you answer. The code also deletes sent messages and voice messages to avoid leaving traces of the conversation. This code is universal and can be activated on both Android and iPhone, and it also works on GSM networks.

Do not connect to public networks to prevent your mobile phone from being spied on.

If you are walking down the street or in a shopping center and you have information left to continue browsing and the desire to do so is so great that you decide Access public Wi-FiYou should know that from that network they can spy on your mobile. It is an imminent risk. Because when nothing happens, it can also be a “foolish trap.”

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If you log onto a public Wi-Fi managed by a hacker Make sure you have access to Open the door to your mobile digitally..Once you enter, you will have access to your information. And you will be able to know where you are going or where you often go, which is an attack on your security and privacy. We recommend that you wait to log into a private or trusted network.

Phishing scams

If you receive an email or WhatsApp message with a registration or verification link from a recipient you don’t recognize, This means that you are definitely a victim of phishing. This method consists of Playing on the innocence of the user Leading you to believe that you are receiving authentic notifications from a company, brand, or service

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These messages or emails are generally They are carefully designed to deceive.using logos, colors, text, and even actual information. However, it’s important to understand that no company whether private or public Can request personal information or account credentials

If it’s a link, check it before clicking. that this is what you requested; For example, email verification of registration to a website. Your requested password change, etc. Otherwise, avoid accessing these links. The result is near-loss of your data and regaining control is practically irreversible.

Two-step verification enabled

at Two-step verification It is a method of securing platforms and services. It has been used to avoid being spied on. Create a potential fraud or identity theft situation. This is a step that creates an alert and asks the user account owner to verify access to certain accounts.

To do this A message will be sent with some code that you need to paste in the credential verification process on the screen. If you received this code without requesting it, The moment you receive a message from a stranger requesting them. Don’t share them for anything in the world. What you should do is report the situation to the company or officials.

Track calls to prevent snooping on your cell phone.

have Many ways to track callsOne of them, and the easiest way is to use the code *57, is a service that helps you find out who dialed your number if it was a stranger. To activate the service, you must do the following:

  • After receiving an unwanted call You need to hang up and wait a moment. Press *57.
  • You will hear an announcement and a notice stating two things: The call has been traced and you should contact the police; Or that the tracking was unsuccessful?
  • When finished, hang up the phone.

Another, slightly more effective method is to use a mobile application. As its functions and services are not available on the Google Play Store or Apple Store as it violates some of the store policies, however, you can download it directly from their website. And some suggestions include: True Caller, Spokeo, It has been verified. both TrapCall.

Update your mobile operating system

One of the biggest vulnerabilities your data faces is outdated mobile operating systems. What happens is that in Each update strengthens the security level. And it covers certain access failures as well.

When these accesses are not updated Completely unprotected and are at the mercy of hackers. By surveying your device browsing the web. They will be able to enter and spy on your mobile easily. Check your operating system version and accept any available updates.

Enable app blocking service

There are services that can help you. Access your blocked applications through password or biometric recognition On some phones it is a native function that you have to enable from settings or by installing an application that allows you to enable it. Check out what you can do. This depends on your device model. And feel free to do so.

The security of your information depends solely on you. And keeping your cell phone from being spied on is a difficult but necessary task. If you want to avoid losing money or having your personal information used in a scam, Remember that in real life on the Internet there are dangerous paths that you can travel only if you wear all your armor. Tell us if you’ve ever been a victim of scams, phishing, or identity theft.

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