Maximum protection and unique design with these Casetify cases.

we try Casetify’s Bounce and Ultra Bounce casesWith many customization options unique design and high quality recycled materials to give you the highest level of protection.

Protecting your iPhone in style is what Casetify offers with our Bounce and Ultra Bounce cases made from recycled materials from other Casetify cases. Undoubted quality and a unique design that offers you many customization options.Although it is possible to create a completely unique design for the same price. That’s why we chose these two for the latest iPhones, and we’re showing them to you today on the iPhone 15 Pro Max.


Ultra Bounce maximum protection

We start with the case that offers us the greatest protection from Casetify, accredited to the most demanding military standards. (MIL-STD-810G) which is not at that level. But it’s multiplying by 10. Protects against falls from up to 10 meters high with a 6-layer structure and unique corners with the Ultra Bounce system.It also protects the camera module with built-in lens protection, so you don’t have to worry about sand at the beach. key from bag or other aggressive things That may scratch the glass of all 3 iPhone camera lenses, and Pro Max is the only model available.

It is a covering that is deceptive to the eye as it appears to be much larger than it actually is. Corners with Ultra Bounce cushioning system make it look bigger. But the size is not larger than other cases. that have a similar or lower level of protection if we omit those angles It’s a clever cushioning system that’s also unique to Casetify. All buttons are in the case. But the press is excellent.Even with the action button exclusive to the Pro models on the latest iPhone 15, the camera’s extra protection doesn’t affect photo quality in any way, even with the flash. And it often adds peace of mind to those who “harmed” » to your phone. There is also a hook for attaching to a wrist or neck strap. You don’t need to add anything if you want to use that type of accessory.

Only black with transparent back. But you can customize the design on the Casetify page by adding letters with your initials, name, or any text you want in different colors and fonts. There’s even a logo to choose from: a butterfly, bear or heart. With these customization options, You can rest assured that your case will be unique. As I told you before It’s only available on the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max and is priced at €114.99. (link)

Bouncy, extremely protective

After talking about Ultra Bounce having that level of protection. It looks like other models. The one we’re showing you might be more “ordinary,” but it’s not. The Bounce case has a more modern design, but it has the same Bouce system in the corners. Although it looks less striking. This means that it is not a military standard multiplier of 10, but a multiplier of 6. How many holsters do you know that achieve this? This case offers protection from drops from heights of up to 6.5 meters.which still has a very high level of protection What it doesn’t have is integrated protection of the camera module. Although the frame that surrounds it prevents it from rubbing against the surface on which we place our iPhone.

This design helps us see more of the design of our iPhone. Especially if you choose light colors. There’s also black, blue, and “Cotton-Candy,” a pink-blue gradient that’s reminiscent of cotton candy and looks really cool. Lighter, somewhat smaller in size And with a more casual design, this might be the most balanced case of the two in terms of their relationship. “Design – Protection”and is more suitable for general users There is also a hook for wearing around your neck or wrist strap. And in this case all buttons are covered and protected. Except for the operation button, which has a hole in this case similar to the button on the cover for the mute switch.

This model is available for iPhone 15, Plus, Pro, and Pro Max, although it comes in some different colors. We can also find it for older iPhone models, but the design isn’t exactly the same. The level of customization is the same as the previous model. Can add words, logos, patterns… Creating the case you like the most takes just a few seconds on the Casetify website, priced at 93.99 euros. (link)

Supports MagSafe

Both cases are compatible with MagSafe, a magnetic attachment mechanism that not only makes charging more efficient and safer. But it also includes the possibility of using accessories such as a stand, card holder and external battery. In a more convenient way, it has been with us for a long time, since the iPhone 12, and the number of compatible accessories continues to grow. And it will increase even more with the arrival of the new Qi2 international standard that will bring this magnetic system to the rest of the phones on the market, not just the iPhone. All in all, for me it is a key component in every case for my iPhone. And in the case Casetify also works flawlessly. The magnetic bond is strong, better than an iPhone without a case, because the phone’s glass surface makes it easier for accessories to slide around. You won’t have any compatibility issues with genuine Apple accessories or other accessories. Certified for the MagSafe system

Editor’s opinion

Providing a high level of protection for your iPhone with a design that’s different from classic “tank” cases is complicated, and Casetify does just that with its Bounce and Ultra Bounce cases. Two different levels of protection, but always at a very high level. Two different designs Excellent texture and customizability In two covers that will not go unnoticed. You can buy it at Casetify with worldwide shipping. Their price is high compared to other cases, but it is worth it.



  • Editor’s Rating
  • 4.5 star rating

euro93.99 to euro114.99

  • Ultra bounce and bounce
  • Inspection of: Luis Padilla
  • Posted on: December 27, 2023
  • Last edit: December 27, 2023


    • Quality of materials and finishing


    • Convenient to use


    • Very high coverage


    • Supports MagSafe


    • Customization possible



    • They add thickness to your iPhone.


    • High price


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