iPhone 16 and a new capture button will let you record video directly.

iPhone 16 capture button

Everything seems to indicate that the iPhone 16 will not include a new design and that the main novelty will be the arrival of artificial intelligence with iOS 18. However, we have been hearing about two main changes at the design level for some time now. The first means the arrival of an action button on all iPhone 16 models, not just the Pro models, like the iPhone 15, and the second. The arrival of a new capture button with touch technology that allows quick access to video recording. Particular emphasis is placed on spatial video recordings related to Apple Vision Pro.


iPhone 16 capture button or how to promote spatial video

As every Sunday, Mark Gurman congratulates us in his newsletter published on Bloomberg with new news related to iPhone 16 next We have been mentioned new Capture button on the right of the device, although nothing has been published about its functionality to this day.

According to Gurman, this new capture button It will be available on all iPhone 16 models. and its duties will focus on Record video That is, it is a shortcut to record video directly without having to manually open the camera app. Of course, this button allows you to capture images. But it is mostly intended to record videos.

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As some of the renders released so far of the iPhone 16 show, this capture button will be on the right side of the device. This means Changes for iPhone 16 with mmWave antenna (USA) which must Move the antenna to the left. of the device to make room for a new capture button.

One button with touch technology

iPhone 16 render

As for the capture button technology, there are some who wonder. It will include touch technology. That is, it will not be a real button, but It will be the pressure and the indication of the pressure exerted. This determines the function associated with the button. There is speculation, or at least what Gurman predicts, that depends on the type of pressure applied. We will have access to one of the shooting modes: photo, video, spatial video, etc. But without a doubt. The key to everything is a focus on spatial video recording.

With the arrival of Apple Vision Pro and spatial video playback It’s important to understand that new memories and new videos will be more meaningful if recorded in this way. Therefore, it is still questionable. Changes to the camera position of the standard iPhone 16 model To be compatible with spatial recording Everything will be seen. But now all the clues seem to be falling into place.

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