HUION KAMVAS PRO 24 4K Review and Features

Kamvas Pro 24 4k cover

Today we are in testing how to use Android l.The most outstanding graphical screen or interactive monitor on the market. With HUION’s help, we were very lucky to be able to test it. Kamvaspro 24 4KAnd below we will tell you every detail about this amazing tool.

Are you professionally dedicated to digital illustration, design, or photo editing? You will surely get good references from HUION, but if you are a new generation in this sector. You can see why we can confirm this is the case. The most impressive digital screens available right now.


It is large and of good quality.

Kamvas Pro 24 4k very large working size

Kamvas Pro 24 is The biggest screen we’ve tested. It’s great. Useful surface To be able to control our creativity freely. Up to 23.8 inchesHaving a tool of this size and quality that can be used high level jump.

If you are looking to get started in this “world” there may be more economical options on the market. Even in the catalog of the manufacturer HUION, but If you decide to invest in “leading” technology to trust himThe ultimate tool to help you get the most out of it. to your work with digital design, that is What are you looking for?.

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Unboxing HUION Kamvas Pro 24 4k

It was a time when to check Everything we found inside the big box of this KAMVAS Pro 24 and to be able to tell you what we found inside. As we said, the box is very big, which we can understand considering the size of this large screen. First we have The screen feels heavy and powerful..

we found Another small box where all the accessories are found. that comes with Pro 24 The current transformerwith related cable In this case, luckily there is a European model. We also have HDMI cable (at both ends) USB to USB-C cableand so on UBS-C both sides.

Kamvas Pro 24 4k accessory box

We also have important components: Pencil and magnetic vertical desktop support. A pencil that will not go unnoticed thanks to existing technology, and we will tell you more about it below. It has also arrived. 5 standard tips and 5 felt tips and clips to change them

another Accessories we loveg External keyboard shortcut with 18 keys and dial. For zoom we can configure it as desired. Partners that will make our work as efficient as possible

Kamvas Pro 24 4k keyboard shortcuts

Finally a Installation and actual use manualRelated documents Warranty of classic products Gloves to be able to support the back of the hand. on the screen and Small chamois to clean dust. Now you can get HUION Kamvas Pro 24 4k On the official website with a 20% discount

This is HUION Kamvas Pro 24 4K.

Talking about Kamvas Pro 24 we are talking about. Products that clearly focus on professional use From there The features we found and the impressive results they can offer. Physically It doesn’t have much mystery. Whether it’s a large screen or an interactive monitor with legs for comfortable support on a table.

Built with top materialsWe admire only the screen glass too. Laminated and anti-glare glass. and The unit is made of high quality black plastic. With a soft texture With legs and anti-slip rubber at the bottom. So we can work on the table without moving at all.

Kamvas Pro 24 4k edge on table

in upper part we found Connections and ports. besides Power buttonwe have solution for flow,port HDMIg DP portand other ports with formats USB Type CAll are positioned so that the cables do not interfere or obstruct the work surface.

Kamvas Pro 24 4k ports and connections

except, stay by his side We have a port 3.5 mm jack to connect any audio device and up to Two USB ports To connect other peripherals such as keyboards

USB port HUION Kamvas Pro 24 4k

HUION Kamvas Pro 24 4K Technical Specifications

brand Huon
model Kamvaspro 24 4K
Useful screen space 23.8 inches
resolution 3840 x 2160 pixels Ultra HD
type 16:9
pixels per inch 185
contrast ratio 1200:1
glow 220cd/m2
Response type 10ms
Screen color 1,070 million
pencil Tech Pen 3.0
pencil technology Electromagnetic resonance without battery
pressure level 8192
size 589.2 x 364 x 22.7 cm
weight 6.3 kg
price €1119.00
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Most impressive features

We are in front of a screen that has Stunning 3840 x 2160 resolution Nothing we can see is complete either. Inclination up to 170 degrees. with Contrast ratio 1200 to 1until 1,070 million colorsAnd with sRGB 140%Amazing numbers for amazing tools that will elevate your work.

We talked about a QLED screen, 4K resolutionwhich is First in the industry to add HDR formatto Work with images without losing the slightest quality.There is no need to constantly zoom in and out with a screen size that is so large that we can work comfortably even with extra windows open.

Editing Kamvas Pro 24 4k with keyboard

he Whole laminated glass and carving Prevent glare Expand the transparency of this screen as well. Pencil qualitythey do The user experience is similar to using pencil on paper.But it has a wider color range and Endless editing options.

Tech Pen 3.0

Kamvas Pro 24 4k 3 technology pencil pen

Elements that are almost as important and the screen is the pencil that we’re going to use on the screen. In this case, we have Huon Pentech 3.0 PW517Thank you . Minimum weightto no batteryOffer Absolute precision and controlwith Pressure level 8192In addition to being able to be used with a tilt of up to 60°, it has Two physical buttons on either side that we can configure according to our needs..

Kamvas Pro 24 4k with spare tip

at pencil baseIn addition to being magnetized to keep the support vertical, It also comes with many useful accessories. The top is made of rough black plastic and has a non-slip strip on the bottom. And inside, if we unscrew it, we will find Up to 10 spare tips and replacement clips.

Pros and cons of Kamvaspro 24 4K


at Excellent screen resolution She makes working with her a pleasure.

at New version of pencil Improved user experience

level professional and professional results


  • resolution
  • pencil
  • professional


It is for A very specific audienceexpert

size Not very portable Designed for stationary desktops.

he price Not available to everyone


  • The audience is limited.
  • size
  • price

Editor’s opinion

HUION Kamvas Pro 24 4k

  • Editor’s Rating
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