How to take screenshots on Windows and Mac

How to capture screenshots on Windows and Mac

The easiest way to Record information on the screen On our computer it is Take a screenshotIf you don’t know how to take screenshots on Windows and Mac, please stay here. And we’ll walk you through it step by step.

Before explaining it to you, we would like to introduce Avoid taking photos with your cell phone. Due to the unprofessional results, we also do not recommend downloading external programs to capture screen data. Because we can download some malicious files to our computer and in general. The tools we already have on our Windows and Mac computers are enough.. Now let’s see.


How to take a screenshot in Windows

Today we have several ways to capture screenshots in Windows. Depending on what you need at any given time, one way or another might be better for you. I will explain it to you step by step. How to take a screenshot in windows

Full screenshot in Windows

First we can capture the full screenshot. with this tool You will capture everything displayed on the screen.. This screenshot system is the most primitive and is outdated due to the few customization options we offer. You must remember that If you use two or more screensCapturing this image It will use all the screenshots you have.

You must use this function. Press the “Print Screen” button. (“typing screen”), which is usually located in the upper-right part of your keyboard, next to F12.

Active screenshot

How to capture a window in Windows

The main difference between this type of capture is that Get data from the active window only.. It’s a useful option when you want to apply a specific screen if you’re working with multiple screens.

You must use this function. Press the “Alt + Print Screen” keys. As you can see, it is a variant of the previous method, by pressing the Alt key we tell the computer to print only the data that we have in the window.

Screenshot with the snipping tool

How to use the snipping tool

The snipping tool that Windows offers us is a very recent utility that many people are not aware of. How to capture a screen like this Allows you to crop a specific area of ​​the screen..Usage is very simple. I’ll explain it to you:

First of all, we must Open the snipping tool.. To do this, we go to the Start menu in Windows and search for “snip” and click on “Snip Tool”.

Once the program is opened, it can be observed. Different shooting modes Here are some of the things we can do:

  • Square cutout: If we click here we can do it. Create a square on the screen.. The data inside the square will be taken as a screenshot and we can edit it.
  • Window cutout: This option Allows you to capture individual windows.That is, if we have more than one window. Only the window we selected will be printed.
  • Crop to full screen: have Same function as pressing the “Print Screen” button. So it’s not the most useful method.
  • Free form trimming: Same as the square option. If we use free cropping we can also Build a fence with your mouse around it. The information we want to capture. This fence will follow the tracks of rats and keep only what is inside. It’s very useful when we want to capture a clip that has information similar to other information that we don’t care much about.

How to crop a photo in free mode

Once you have captured the screenshot You will see the basic options. to customize the cutout. (You also have a pencil, eraser, and underlining tool.) You can share it with other users or send it to the Windows Paint 3D application. where we can edit captured images with more freedom

Don’t forget to save the image when you’re done editing if you need to do so. For To save the image, click on the save symbol. Displayed as a floppy disk. or directly Click on File > Save As.

Screenshot with Snip & Sketch

How to use snips and sketches

this Very versatile tool It consolidates the previous functionality and makes it easier. Just like the snipping tool I described to you earlier. After capturing the screenshot It allows us to edit images with drawing and annotation tools. So you can customize it as you want.

One improvement of this tool is Compatibility with other touch devices such as tablets and mobile phones.. Using a digital pen and taking notes is very useful.

When you take a screenshot, you will be able to see Flashes a yellow tone on the screen. If this sound appears on the screen for a moment Show that you have taken the photo correctly.

How to use Snip & Sketch on Windows

at Key combinations or “macros” To enable this tool in Windows you will need: “Window + Shift + S” Another way to access this type of screenshot is to search directly in the start bar. Program “Cropping and Annotation”

As we said in this article, we will teach you how to take screenshots on Windows and Mac. To capture a screenshot on a Mac, the operation changes slightly.. I will explain to you step by step how to take a screenshot on Mac.

How to take a screenshot on a Mac

It depends on the version of MacOS you’re using. You will have access to the following screen capture methods.: :

Full screenshot on Mac

How to capture full screen on Mac

at important combination To access the full screenshot on your Mac, you can. «Command (⌘) + Shift + 3»You will need to select a destination location for the captures you take. By default The screenshot will be saved on the desktop..

Capture a specific area on a Mac

How to capture only a window on a Mac

To capture a screenshot of a specific area You have to press the button. Key combination “Command (⌘) + Shift + 4” Then select the area you want to capture. You can change the window. If you want by pressing the spacebar.

Screenshot of Touch Bar

In case you want The Mac operating system’s Touch Bar appears on the screen. You can do this using the key. «Command (⌘) + Shift + 6»This can be useful if you want to record what’s happening in the Touch Bar for tutorials or events. Captures are saved directly on the desktop or to a location you specify.

Capturing video on Mac

How to record the screen on MacOS

This option Can only be used with MacOS Mohave versions and later.. at Key combination “Command (⌘) + Shift + 5” start tools of Screen recording. You can choose to record the entire window or just a specific area.
When you are finished recording your screen, you will need to Turn off screen recording You can do this through “Command (⌘) + Control + Esc” keysHow to stop screen recording on Mac

I hope this advice How to take screenshots on Windows and Mac useful to you If you know of any tools that are of interest to everyone, Leave it in the comments below.

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