How to use Netflix secret codes

Enjoying Netflix content is quite simple. You can search for series and movies through different categories, enter the name in the search engine or select them directly from the home screen. But did you know that There is a secret Netflix code to watch the show. “hidden” Within the application

To search for these works You have to perform a unique process within Netflix, one of which is to enter the secret code in the search engine or directly in the URL (if you use Netflix on a computer). The application will automatically generate a list of content, which includes more than 36,000 categories. group by platform Let’s find out more about the list of Netflix secret codes.


What is the Netflix secret code?

Netflix has a huge database of movies and series. And every year new works added to the portfolio are released. One of the advantages is the method and convenience for the user. Search for content within the platformThanks to the production management method.

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You can search for your favorite movies or series within the rather simple previously defined categories, such as horror, romance, comedy based on true events, fiction, and many more. There is also a search n. Jin, a bar that displays a virtual keyboard to enter content titles and search more quickly

at Netflix Secret Codes It serves as a new way to categorize and organize into sub-genres movies, series, documentaries and TV shows on the platform. What’s special about this show is that their names come from everyday life, such as «Smoke connection (81271205)«, «A Merry Christmas (2300975)«, «Adult Animation (11881)« And many more with rather creative names.

This makes Netflix’s content ratings more specific. Netflix’s secret codes are public and accessible to all users. However, because there are thousands of sub-categories, Learning these codes is therefore quite difficult. This makes searching for content in this way impossible. What’s great is that if you’re a fan of a certain genre, You can remember its code. And you will only see programs that are very responsive to that type.

Why does Netflix have secret codes?

Although Netflix’s secret code may seem like a novelty, But the truth is that these codes are older than you think. They go back to First day of the company When selling exclusive content to homes on DVD

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The secret code is made public. But they are generally quite difficult to obtain. Users devote themselves to separating them and Share items on the networkSince then, users and fans of the platform are using it very positively. New codes with new subcategories will be added regularly. Therefore, the list is constantly growing.

An example of how Netflix’s secret keys are generated is explained by Tudum Michal Raphan, the company’s curation strategist. Which was during a conversation with a colleague about the series “The Recruit”, whose genre is “spy Adventure (10702)” . However, it has a romantic subplot. By creating a sub-genre called “Action with romance» and specified with code 81647318

Another method Netflix strategists use to create new subgenres and assign them secret codes is based on The time of year and everyone’s tastesFor example, on Halloween, Valentine’s Day or Christmas. New hidden categories can emerge.

How do Netflix secret codes work?

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Netflix secret codes are very easy to use. and can range from two to more than five digits. However, some may not be displayed due to certain restrictions in some regions. Its functionality will vary depending on the device you use to watch your favorite movies, series, documentaries, and programs.

If you’re watching Netflix on your smart TV or mobile device You can be blind when searching for content. and instead type the name of the program you want to watch. Enter the code instead. If you’re watching Netflix on your computer You can do this via URL by changing the address as follows: it says “CODE” you need to enter the number of the subcategory you want to enjoy.

Below, we present a comprehensive but valuable list of Netflix secret codes with their respective subcategories:

Netflix secret code to watch 90 minute movie

  • 90 minute movie: 81466194
  • Comedy 90 minutes: 81466224
  • 90 minute family movie: 81466229
  • 90 minute horror movie: 81466239
  • Romantic comedy 90 minutes: 81466228
  • 90 minute thriller: 81466222

Secret code for watching movie marathons

  • British Crime TV Shows to Watch: 1192582
  • Family by choice: 81231348
  • Cyberpunk movies and series: 1964512

for group viewing

  • Don’t look hungry: 3272152
  • Watch with family: 2013975
  • Friends Series: 1143288


  • World music concerts: 2856
  • Country and Folk: 1105
  • City concerts and dances: 9472
  • Jazz: 10271
  • Children’s songs: 52843
  • Pop and Rock Concerts: 3278
  • Latin songs: 10741

LGTBQ content

  • LGBTQ Comedy: 7120
  • LGBTQ dramas: 500
  • LGBTQ Documentaries: 4720
  • LGBTQ TV Shows: 65263
  • LGBTQ Romantic Movies: 3329


  • Biographical documentaries: 3652
  • Crime Documentaries: 9875
  • Foreign documentaries: 5161
  • Historical Documentaries: 5349
  • War Documentaries: 4006
  • Sports documentaries: 180
  • Music and concert documentaries: 90361

Children’s movies

  • Movies for children aged 0-2 years: 6796
  • Movies 2-4 years old: 6218
  • Movies 5-7 years old: 5455
  • Movies aged 8-10 years: 561
  • Movies ages 11-12 years: 6962


  • Anime movies: 3063
  • Anime Series: 6721
  • Horror Anime: 1,0695
  • Action anime: 2653
  • Fantasy Anime: 11146
  • Sci-fi anime: 2729
  • Drama Anime: 452
  • Funny anime: 9302
  • For adults: 11881

Other classifications

  • Intellectual phobia: 3261672
  • Irreverent TV Comedies: 75480
  • Korean series for beginners: 2953105
  • Movies directed by women: 2974953
  • Pop culture icons: 81278963
  • Eternal youth: 3053870
  • Scams and Scams: 81493295
  • Small town charm: 81615585
  • Supernatural TV drama: 81238162
  • Digital Love: 81582488
  • Travel around the world: 81282911
  • The Great Eighties: 2314106
  • Weekend plans: 3182735

Here’s a sneak peek at Netflix’s secret code: With more than 36,000 subgenres, the list continues to grow. So it is a good option for you to know how it works. Try it now and tell us.What do you think of this format for finding content on Netflix??

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