How to use Google Gemini: Discover the most advanced AI

How to use Google's new artificial intelligence Gemini

If ChatGPT created a buzz at the end of 2022, at the end of 2023 it saw the launch of Google’s new artificial intelligence (AI) service. Do you want to know more and know how it works? Read on to find out! How to use Google Gemini!

We bring you all the news you need to know to make the most of a tool that promises to revolutionize the way we work, study, and play once again when we have access to the internet.


What is Gemini?

Gemini models to be released

As you probably know, Gemini is an AI model developed by Google with the aim of replacing PaLM, the artificial intelligence system used until now by Bard (Google’s conversational chat). Yes, of course, Changes won’t happen overnight so they won’t cause errors or annoy users. But it will be something gradual.

It’s about a Multimodal models that can understand text, images, audio, and even program code. That is, it will be much more flexible than its main competitors. And when we talk about the main competitors We are referring directly to GPT-4.

This multimodal feature is Especially important in AI training Because from birth She is trained so that she can understand and blend different language forms. in a native language way

For most experts Gemini has a progressive quality when it comes to complex mathematical operations and computer science applications. Because it has a new code generation system that improves your reasoning abilities, it’s AlphaCode2, which we’re sure we’ll hear about a lot in the future.

Three generations of Gemini

To know how to use Gemini from Google, you need to know that we have three different versions of this tool.

  • Ultra It is the most modern and multimodal version. It can do anything we imagine.
  • Pro. It is a slightly higher version than the basic version. But it doesn’t have all the functionality of the Ultra version. It’s designed for those who want slightly more advanced tools. But it doesn’t require the latest AI.
  • elder brother. It is the most basic version and the one with the least functionality and capabilities. However, it is the one that most people will use the most.

Gemini Nano’s outstanding feature is that it can be used directly on your mobile phone. That is, it doesn’t behave like an app that connects to a server. (This is what GPT does) But it is integrated directly into the mobile phone and we can use it even if we do not have a connection.

When can we use Gemini?

We’re all eager to try out Google’s new AI, but It seems that in Europe we still have to wait a few more months.

Various versions It will be rolling out throughout 2024 now. What we have is Gemini Pro on Google Bard. It is expected to be available in English in more than 180 countries as soon as possible.

When Pro version launches Google will start with the launch of Ultra.. But for this An indicative date has not even been specified.

It’s a last resort. We know that the Gemini Nano will be included in Google’s Pixel 8 Pro phone. So we have to wait for its arrival on the market to check how it really works.

In addition to Google Bard, other services from the California-based company will also benefit from Gemini, including ads, Chrome and the search engine itself.

How to use Google Gemini

The Pro version is the only version currently available. But we have already said that there is none in Europe. But how, This is not a problem if we use a VPN. That is, if we make Google believe that we are connecting to the Internet from one of the countries where Gemini Pro is already available.

Here are the steps to try using Gemini Pro on Android today:

  • Install VPN on your deviceYou can find lots of free stuff in the App Store.
  • Open your mobile web browser. It doesn’t matter which one you use because the steps are the same.
  • Access your Google account and go to the “Personal Information” section
  • Now go to “General settings for the web” And then we arrived. “language”, and select United States English as default.
  • Use the VPN you installed earlier to simulate an internet connection from the United States.
  • If you now go to Bird’s page You should see a message saying you are using the Gemini Pro edition.
  • As long as you enable VPN with a connection from the US and speak English with Bard, your connection to Gemini Pro will still work. If you do not comply with these requirements You will start using PaLM2.

You already know how to use Google Gemini, and the only thing left to do is explore its full potential. You can ask him to create the program code for you. Solve math exercises Write a poem… Anything you can think of!

We know that this connection system is through VPN and Having to speak English with Bird all the time was extremely uncomfortable.But for now, this is the only thing we can do to enjoy Google’s new services. We hope that within a few months. We will be able to connect from Europe normally.

What is certain is that Google seems to have conquered Gemini. An AI tool that has great potential and promises to be strong. And that will once again revolutionize the way we use artificial intelligence in our daily lives.

Now that you know how to use Gemini from Google, we encourage you to give it a try. As you can see, connecting to a VPN is very easy.So go explore and discover everything this tool can offer to make your daily life a little easier.

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