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In the vast world of video games Few games have been so successful over the years. MinecraftVideo games released A free way to imagine So that every player can find the location despite its clear graphical simplicity. Although it is available on all gaming platforms, Minecraft has undoubtedly started its journey on computers and become a game. An icon among PC games.Because it is on this platform that there are more versions and more players. Therefore, in this article we will focus on computer games.

Surely, if you’ve come this far, you’ve probably heard of and even played this simulation game yourself. But not everything can be good. In order to enjoy this game Like most people You will have to pay an economic value, even if it is not high. There are many possibilities to choose from.Many people do not agree or do not want to receive this money. If this is your case We can help you. download minecraft free. However, all the choices we are going to present are all choices. Legal And in any case We will protect against piracy so that you can play this game without any problems.


Minecraft: A pixelated fantasy video game


Before talking about alternatives, we have to play this game for free, we think it is important. Highlighting the possibilities that Minecraft offers to its users. And how did it become r?Featuring open world gameplay and creative freedom.

While any game on the market will be far superior to Minecraft’s graphics, this is the essence of the game. An endless pixel universe formed from cubes that allows you to create anything you can imagine..From the outside, even the first time you play You might think that it’s a boring game with not much to do. But when you play You will discover a universe of possibilities, precisely. The more you advance in the game, The more adventures will appear.Including the ability to do more and progress within it.

Most of them have Two game modes: Creativity and Survival.. In the first Minecraft gives you the possibility to create whatever you want. There is an infinite amount of matter. you can Build your home and dream world. Survival mode is the most played mode. Here you appear in a world with nothing, and then you have to find materials to continue later. Build houses, weapons and everything you need to survive in a hostile world.. you have Various difficulty levels To make it easier or harder?

definitely The most prominent feature of this game is the online mode. and the possibility of playing in the same world with friends or strangers. With this function you can Play mini-games to compete to be the strongest. or even Let’s work together to create a better world.. The scope of possibilities is endless.

Is it possible to download Minecraft for free?

Next we will talk about Possible ways in which you can play this amazing simulation game for free and legally. Although there are currently not many options available. But we will tell you about some of the options that you can use to try out this game.

Minecraft Free Trial


Mojangwhich the game developers offer to users Totally free demo or trial version So you can see if you like it or not and you can buy it later. Although it is obvious It has limitations compared to the full version.You can have a great time learning the essence and basics of the game.

This trial version Only survival mode included. and There is a limited play time of approximately 100 hours or 5 days.. When this time passes The creator will not let us continue and will invite us to buy the full version. One option that we don’t have to spend money on and can play all the time is. Create different accounts And when the demonstration is over You can start playing with other accounts.. however, Our progress will not be saved and we will have to start over from the beginning.So it might be boring.

To download You will need to follow the steps we mentioned below:

  1. Access in search engine Minecraft official website
  2. Create an accountO good Login If you have already registered You will need to include the required information. It’s important that you remember your password because it will be the password you use when you go to play and you will never lose your progress.
  3. Looking for options «Minecraft Demo» that appears after logging in Various options will appear here And you will have to choose the option that is right for you. That is, if you have Windows as your operating system. You will need to select this option.
  4. Install and start enjoying the free version. Do your best today!

Activities and promotions


Another option you have to get the full version of Minecraft for free is to pay attention to. Promotions that Mojang has launched regarding the game.These situations can occur, for example, in Anniversaries or events Only games where you can download Minecraft at a very low price as well. Collaborations with other brands which include offers. Another way to play for free is by purchasing it as a gift. Includes Minecraft subscription There is no doubt that this is a very attractive option.

Share account

As we have already said To play, you need to create an account in Minecraft. What is used in this game and other games is Share an account between two or more people.That is to say, Join together to share costs and use it all. Each person uses his or her own world or the same world. It’s like you all play with the same account, but You can make a world of difference. Everyone can play the world they want. It’s important to keep compatibility options in mind if you’ll be playing on different devices.

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