How to read deleted WhatsApp messages

One of the main points we look for in a messaging app. are the privacy options they offer It is extremely important to ensure WhatsApp is one of the platforms that is committed to taking care of its customers’ data. Although sometimes it can be detrimental. Today we will talk about how you can read deleted WhatsApp messages.

As you will see later. Although there is no official way to do this, But alternatives have been developed that are quite effective. The best thing is that it’s free and very easy to use.. So accessing these messages will be easier for you from now on.


Does WhatsApp allow you to recover messages?

This platform’s privacy policy is very strict in this regard. Because the safety of users and their messages is important. So these things Encrypted making it impossible for even the company itself to access

When deleted, it disappears completely. There are no servers or locations available. Even for a few days Therefore, there is no official way to recover any messages you deleted.

How can you read deleted WhatsApp messages?

Recovering deleted messages from WhatsApp can sometimes be quite tricky. It’s definitely not the easiest job. Although there are some techniques that will help you do this. But these are:

Use notifications to read these messages.

Many of us sometimes We want to read messages directly from device notifications. In the event that we do not wish to respond at that time This is quite practical. Plus, we can also use it to read deleted WhatsApp messages.

In doing this You must consult your mobile phone’s notification history. However, the message must arrive in Notifications for you to be able to access it from there. to find it All you have to do is go to the Files/File Manager app on your smartphone.Please note that this may vary depending on the make and model of vehicle. You can use a search engine to search faster.

It may be that your device does not have this function. But it can be replaced with an app that achieves the same purpose.For example:

Notification history

This is a very practical and popular application. Its main advantage lies in the possibility to group and organize your notifications. Even according to the application where each notification is located. Allows you to view deleted messages.

It is available on the Play Store and has very good user reviews and ratings. With more than 1 million downloads in this App Store. It allows you to customize the interface and add widgets to your home screen to make it more accessible.

Third party applications will be the solution.

Although the previous method is quite simple. But the truth is that they are not always effective. For this reason, various applications have been developed. that allows you to recover deleted WhatsApp messages

The most popular are:


In this category WAMR is definitely one of the best options.. promises to allow recovery not only of messages But it also includes all types of deleted files including audio files, GIFs and even stickers.

How does this application work?

Due to WhatsApp’s privacy policy, all your messages are encrypted. What WAMR does is Save every message sent to your WhatsApp from notifications as a backup copy. Doing this will help even if they are deleted. But you’ll be able to find them in the backups the app automatically creates.

Its operation is not always smooth. But there are several disadvantages as well. The main issue is directly related to Internet access. And the app needs this to be able to receive messages and create backup copies. Another important point to note is You cannot mute a contact. Because this way you will not receive notifications of their messages.

This app is free in the Play Store where it can be downloaded. It has been downloaded more than 50 million times. and 4.4 star rating, it is no doubt one of the top achievements in reading deleted WhatsApp messages.

WhatisRemoved+. What is?

This is another popular application designed to recover previously deleted messages in various messaging applications, both WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, Telegram and all that you use often

Among the most popular features of this application we can point out:

  • like Analyze folders on your device Find deleted files and content
  • Offer Direct window to view WhatsApp messages Deleted on your device
  • is Very easy to use And it’s very easy to configure.
  • automatically Save all notifications that you received on the device
  • Analyze and identify changes made to alerts Send you notifications about this.
  • Using learning algorithms To make it easier to install and use

If you want to download this application and try out its functions. You should know that this application is available on the official Google App Store, Play Store. It has been downloaded more than 5 million times. This is quite a successful app. Its free nature and pleasant user interface make it a great choice.

Of course, it has recently come under criticism from users on the Play Store, who claim that It doesn’t always save deleted messages successfully. We hope that these errors will be fixed in the new update. But it’s still worth a try.

We hope that in this article You found all the necessary information to know how to recover or read deleted WhatsApp messages.Let us know in the comments which method worked best for you and if you know of any other apps you would recommend for this. We read your mind.

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