10 things we can do with Copilot

Using Copilot in Windows 11 Last summer marked a turning point in Microsoft’s history: the integration of artificial intelligence in your operating system Although initially they were limited to performing duties through virtual assistants. But now its horizons have expanded. That is why we have prepared this article in which we have listed them. 10 things you can do with Copilot

In this AI, we are only taking the first step. What we talk about below is just a preview of more amazing things. There will undoubtedly be many more we will see in the future. Instead of being afraid or curious about this revolutionary technology, We firmly believe that this is a change that will bring many positives. Here are just a few examples:


speak in any language

By default, Copilot identifies users in the language configured on the device they are using. However, we can Make it speak to us in any other language we want..

The way to achieve this goal is very simple. All you have to do is start writing to Copilot in other languages ​​on the website. Prompt automatically AI detects new language and uses it to respond.. It also allows us to translate single sentences, paragraphs, and even complete texts.

Although it is predictable that this will continue to expand. As time passes Current language list Copilot handles the following: German, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Korean, Danish, Spanish, Finnish, French, Greek, English, Hindi, Dutch, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese. , Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Sweden, Thailand and Turkey.

general knowledge questions

Anyone who has ever used Alexa for any type of question will be amazed at all they can do with Copilot. All of our questions are answered because AI will find the answers we are looking for on the internet. and explain it to us in detail.

Not only that. If the answer is too complicated We have the option to simplify the answer by writing, for example, “e“Explain it to me like I am five years old” or “Explain it to me in simpler terms.”. In the same way If we want to have a little fun, we can ask Copilot to explain it to us by imitating famous sounds. in poetic form or use a specific accent

Logo design and drawing

In the list of 10 things we can do with Copilot, there is one thing that will undoubtedly be very useful for professionals in the world of graphic and commercial design. Since the AI ​​integration of DALL-E 3 is completely free, it is can Ask them to draw a picture from the text.

To do that, you need to write “drawing” to the file. Prompt Then explain clearly what we want to draw. The more accurate and complete our description, the better. The more detailed the results will be, the better.

This visualization ability can be used for complex things as well. Design logos, icons, stickers, and other resources.

Improved text

Text generation is one of the star functions that Copilot AI is capable of. Write essays of different lengths and with more or less depth.It depends on the advice you receive from us.

You can also ask you to write your message in a certain tone, such as formal, funny, professional, etc. You can also ask Copilot to check your message and enter it. grammatical or stylistic modificationsIncluding other improvements

Another thing that must be mentioned is the ability of AI to Analyze and structure text Entering titles, subtitles, lists, and other elements

literary creation

Going beyond Copilot’s writing capabilities: We can ask you to write a short story or short story. Based on previous data sets and indications. same as us Create a poem or song

As we said before. The quality of the results depends largely on the accuracy and amount of detail we give to the AI ​​to carry out its mission. There is no doubt that this ability is the one that can affect us the most. It pushes us to ask ourselves if this type of artificial intelligence has limits.

health tips

Go ahead and say it’s a good idea to replace your family doctor with artificial intelligence. Although it is true that Copilot can help us a lot in that regard. Take care of our health Through helpful tips and advice

Not only does it provide information about disease symptoms and tips for prevention. But it also analyzes the effects of food and diet on our bodies as well as exercise and habits to improve our general fitness and live longer. Wrath There is no doubt that this is one of the 10 things to do with Copilot that will benefit us the most in our daily life.

New Excel Formula

For those of you who regularly use Excel at home or at work, here are the 10 most interesting things to do with Copilot and even get your help. Create a recipe This will save time and effort.

Example: in Prompt We write similar things “I need an Excel formula to get the average of a range of data.” Copilot will tell you what formulas we can use. And how can it be explained to us? But what if our request is more complex? We can do it too. Create a new recipe That doesn’t even exist in Excel.

Writing an email

Related to what we previously commented about Copilot’s writing abilities, we must emphasize its capabilities. Write perfectly accurate and effective emails.. in it Prompt We must specify the content. Recipient’s details The final purpose of the submission and the tone we want to use

The same approach applies to asking Copilot to prepare posts on social networks. Scripts for YouTube videos, etc.

Lesson preparation

We’ve already mentioned that Copilot can perform incredibly well. Among them there are Prepare any type of tutorial on any topic we request.As always, we must be concrete and precise in our requests.

The tutorials or guides that Copilot provides us will be more or less comprehensive or complex. It depends on the topic involved and the level of accuracy we choose. The best thing is that it comes with live links to web pages to expand the information and get new resources.

free time planning

We end our list of 10 things to do with Copilot with some really interesting features: Plan our free time. How is this possible? There are many ways to use AI to our advantage. For example, If we are thinking of going on a tripIf you have a few questions, we’ll give you ideas and information on how to find cheap tickets and ideas for exploring destinations.

We can also ask you which countries are safe to travel to. What time of year is best? Clothes to be prepared, etc.

In turn, facing us Weekends and free timeCopilot is excellent at recommending series, movies, concerts, festivals, field trips, video games, and all kinds of recreational and cultural events. Complete with schedule, prices and highlights.

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