How to check how much power your phone is charging

Check mobile charging power

for multiple users Always having good battery levels on your mobile phone is almost an obsession. Especially when we face a situation where we don’t have a plug nearby. for charging Or when the charging speed is not as we expected. That is why we will dedicate this entry to this question: How to check at what level your phone is charging

There are some useful methods to find out the speed at which our mobile devices are charging. It also has a very useful tool to monitor the charging process of your smartphone in all details. We see it all below.

If we talk about Android phoneThe information is easy to get. Almost all of these devices provide information related to this question in one way or another. For example, when we charge a phone of that brand. Samsung It provides information about the time remaining to complete the bill. This information is usually displayed on the lock screen. On the other hand, in Google Pixel To find this information You need to go to the Settings app.


Mobile data and/or charger

mobile charger

The simplest and fastest way to check the charging power of a mobile phone is through the information that the phone can give us. chargerAll we have to do is look at the little label. that almost all chargers have The output power is specified in watts (W): 5W, 15W, 40W… The higher the value, the more power.

In case you lose the data tag Some mobile phones allow us to access this information through a quick search. In general, The steps to follow are always the same:

  1. First, you need to connect your phone to a charger. and start the charging process
  2. then we go Settings menu of smartphones
  3. We look for options «battery”which, depending on the model, can be found in one of the menus.
  4. There we will find Charging data At that time.

An application to check the charging power of your mobile phone.

It is undoubtedly an interesting method. But this is often not enough. To check how much power a mobile phone is charging to get reliable and detailed results, you need to use outside help. There are a lot of them. Battery usage that we can use to know the amount of amps a mobile phone receives during charging in real time. We can find many application stores in Google Play and Apple Store, although not all of them work equally well. This is the best:

Accu battery


This free application is one of the most popular. Only available for Android devices. Among other things, Accu battery Helps us determine the charging power of our phone. and as a result know what the charging time will be

Before starting the verification process It is necessary to calibrate the mobile battery. (including through the application), after which you can connect your smartphone and check the charging status.

The information that AccuBattery gives us is the following: Charging current(expressed in mAh and watts) Voltage Average charging speed and battery temperature

electric current

electric current

Another good way to check our phone’s charging speed is by electric current. It is a free application, easy to use, and available only for Android. Once we install it on our smartphone, The app will begin calibrating the battery. In this way a diagnosis is created based on a set of values ​​in mA (milliamperes) which mark the minimum and maximum values ​​detected.

If significant fluctuations of concern are detected, Ampere will notify us. It’s not a waste at all. This is important information in determining the level of stability of the battery charge.

Other information that Ampere gives us is the voltage, temperature, and even the brand of mobile battery.

Battery life

Battery life

After two solutions for Android, we need to include an app to perform these checks on iPhone or iPad, even for Apple Watch, and it is without a doubt the best for this kind of work. Battery life.

This practical application shows us the time to charge the battery. Includes very useful internal and external data sets. It’s a free app. Although there is a paid version with no ads and very interesting extra functions.

That’s it, our proposal will effectively check the charging power of our mobile phones. Although the information provided by these apps is reliable, But it must be taken into account that the actual data of charging power and speed are not always the same. There are many factors that can make a difference, such as: Battery age and level of deterioration wave room temperature while loading Details that can affect the final value are fewer.

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