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There are many ways to leverage technology to our advantage. Because this technology can be practically used in every activity. One of them is taking care of our health both for ourselves and those around us, especially the most vulnerable. Today it’s accurate. We will talk about Gelpy, a mobile application for caring for the elderly. and other groups who have chronic illnesses or certain types of disabilities

This app turns out to be a great alternative. To ensure that others are continually cared for and protected. Especially the elderly at home He has a responsibility to improve not only his life but also his life. But also his manager, who has a great job behind them. This app provides users with A feeling of closeness and protection is needed at times. It is definitely very intuitive and has not lost the human essence that the elders so much need.


What is Gelpy?

Gelpy is an excellent elderly care mobile application in Spain. Also of course in long distance services. Not only for the elderly But it also includes people with chronic diseases and disabilities. One of the main objectives of this project This includes providing assistance to the elderly. It is also about making family life easier.

As easy to understand People who care for the elderly find it very difficult to lead a normal life. Link to your work Dealing with excessive stress Interact with other family members And maintaining an active social life is a practically impossible activity.

This initiative It was developed by Novaltia, a pharmaceutical cooperative. This service will be provided through the relevant pharmacies. Safety guaranteed independence and greater independence of this sector of the population This is considered to be the most vulnerable group in some ways. Provide your services through Gelpy 24 hours a day. of today.

What services does Gelpy provide?

Now, you will surely wonder how the app can remotely ensure the safety of elderly and disabled patients and chronic disease patients. The app offers a wide range of functions which includes permanent biomedical records. of that patient You will connect with everyone. Whether they are family members or health teams through it.

One of the most popular sections is the full-time support unit. where patients can discuss various topics related to medical problems or emergencies at home or outside The app has an emergency button enabled. So it can be activated quickly.In case the patient is unconscious or lost

How does Gelpy Health work?

We are talking about other interesting offers that we can find in this app. with this service This makes it possible to closely monitor several important parameters. of these patients and the elderly It will be evaluated by responsible public health personnel from the pharmacy, following up on information such as Weight, blood pressure, heart rate oxygen saturation and blood sugar levels, and much more.

Each collected data is saved in the app. This way it will be used as a reference value in case it is needed in the future. They would rather That interpretation is intuitive. Because it will be recorded in the form of a graph or report. It is accessible to everyone responsible for its care.

It is also a reliable way to care for the elderly or anyone who needs round-the-clock care. Whether it’s inside your home or when you’re out doing some activity. This is especially useful in cases of multiple episodes of confusion. This is without a doubt one of the most dangerous and frustrating events that can occur.

What are the benefits of using Gelpy, a mobile application to care for the elderly?

As we have analyzed in detail, here are the apps that Brings many benefits such as:

  • It is an ideal place for Maintain and monitor health status Be part of your vulnerable family members. without having to go to other apps Because just one app brings everything you need together.
  • achieve A natural and fluid approach between aging and technology.It shows enormous benefits in key areas.

  • Taking care of everyone Those responsible for caring for the elderly know real-time information. about your health status and medical needs
  • Activate Keep medical records on important parameters. Required for medical encounters and health examinations
  • This app is Highly adaptable and personalized according to the patient. in their personal questions and needs
  • Founded Fast and efficient communication During what may be considered a medical emergency between the patient and family medical personnel, pharmacies, police and firefighters

Is this app free to use?

It is true that it is a very rich and versatile app. Although it is not available for free, it will The service is offered to you for €0.65 per day onwards.This price includes VAT.

Even though it’s not free Many people are willing to pay for the service. Because these things come with many benefits as we can analyze. It is an excellent choice to keep your loved ones as safe as possible.

How to access Gelpy?

You can download the app from Gelpy’s official website. It is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems. It is completely free to download and install. It is also available on the Play Store. Although registration is required to use it.. In addition to the price we discuss with you.

We hope that in this article You have found all the necessary information about Gelpy, the mobile application for caring for the elderly. People with chronic diseases or disabilities which aims to ensure their well-being and improve the quality of life of responsible caregivers and family members. Let us know if you already know her and what you think of her services. We read your mind.

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