Five features you should enable immediately on your AirPods Pro 2

Apple launched its solid renewal of the AirPods Pro into the world last September with its second version: the AirPods Pro 2. But it hides various functions Many have greatly improved the most famous in-ear headphones, the headphones from Cupertino. If you received AirPods Pro 2 this Christmas Or are you looking for ways to get more out of it? Don’t miss these 5 qualities that make them magical.


Changeable sound

The first is that the original Adaptive Audio AirPods Pro 2 came with the same thing. Three more noise control possibilities than its predecessor: Noise Cancellation, Transparency Mode, and Normal Mode. (We are still looking for people who have used it in this way.)

AirPods Pro 2 has introduced its latest noise canceling mode, Adaptive Audio, with an update. A combination of noise cancellation and transparency mode that automatically adjusts to noise in your environment. Do you have noise around you? Noise cancellation is enabled. That sound will disappear. And nothing can bother you anymore? We return to transparent mode. Magic.

customized quantity

This function of AirPods Pro 2 allows you to adjust the volume of multimedia playback. Automatically adjusts to outside sounds with Apple’s Machine Learning algorithms.. It uses external noise sensors and learns from the type of usage you give your AirPods to automatically adapt to each situation.

Conversation detection

You are listening to a song with Conversation Detection enabled and someone asks you a question. It happens to all of us, right? Manually turning down the volume and telling it to wait 1 second for you to do so is something we all tend to do. But it’s much better. Conversation detection lowers your multimedia volume and increases ambient sound levels so you can fully immerse yourself in the conversation. That’s what this function does automatically.

except, Return to your previous noise cancellation state. When your conversation ends You don’t have to worry about anything. Just get back to your work.

equipment changes

This isn’t exclusive to the AirPods Pro 2, but it’s very useful and you should know about it. If there’s something magical about using AirPods, it’s using them within the Apple ecosystem.. When device switching is enabled AirPods Pro 2 will connect to devices that are currently producing multimedia.To work, devices must have the same Apple ID as the device associated with AirPods.

You’re listening to music on your iPhone and playing video on your Mac for a moment. AirPods will magically transform to play the video audio and pause the iPhone audio. You turn the music back on and your favorite song will start playing.

Mute your voice in conversations

Everyone uses AirPods for phone conversations or video conferences. Need to mute to talk or can’t hear certain background sounds? AirPods Pro 2 has made it easy for you since then. You just need to press the pin of the AirPods you want to mute in this situation and press it again to make your sound available again..

You don’t need to go to iPhone/iPad/Mac to press the mute button on the screen. Easy. Convenient. Useful.

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