Equipment recommendations to avoid wasting water

Various equipment to avoid wasting water

Wasting water is a bad habit. that can be improved with technology Some appliances or equipment are designed to improve the way we use water and help conserve the planet. Additionally, ensuring proper use of this important liquid will have a positive impact on your bill. without sacrificing your well-being

In the next article we will talk about product sets or Gadgets to avoid wasting waterThese devices can save water usage at home by up to 60%. Let’s learn more about them and how they can help us maintain and use water properly.


The most used devices to avoid wasting water at home

if you like Save money on your next water bill. You just need to use these devices to avoid wasting water. It is also a great help to use every drop wisely and improve your quality of life.

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double flush toilet

The double flush toilet has a two-button system that allows Reduce water and drain into two parts.On one liquid (partial) and on the other solid waste (complete). This type of toilet is an excellent water saver. This is because only one percent of water is used to flush toilets. This is different from a normal toilet where the entire tank of water is empty when flushed.

gray water recycling

Greywater recycling is a system that helps Reuse wastewater In other areas where it is necessary to make it drinkable, for example, water left behind in sinks, showers or dishwashers that after use is routed through this system. This will be cleaned and sent to the toilet. washing machine or outdoor faucet

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With this system You will never waste water again.It is a sustainable practice. Promote smart water use and conserve water resources It will also help reduce water bills and reduce reliance on municipal water supplies.

Install the aerator.

The aerator is in small pieces. That fits into the faucet socket. reduce water flow This is because there is access to air inside the faucet. Its diameter is the size of a ring and serves as a strainer. It can also be used in a shower, hose or hand shower.

Aqua Return

When using hot water in many heaters We had to wait some time until the optimum temperature was reached. In the meantime, we left the tap open and a large amount of cold water was wasted. With AquaReturn we were able to recirculate the water up to a temperature as low as 37°C and Then it will flow out through the shower or faucet. without wasting it

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This device can be used in Housing and construction sectorThis is quite useful when you have a heater, water boiler, thermos. or solar panels Can save up to 8,000 liters per year. It also helps save energy and drinking water very well.


Hydrao is a French technology company specializing in water management. in order not to waste water This company offers smart kits and solutions to save water and help the environment. One of the most prominent options is Hydrao Aloé smart shower With built-in LED lights that change color as water usage increases.

If it’s green, it means 10 liters have been used, blue means the amount has reached 50 liters, and When it exceeds 50 liters it will turn red.. Shower and various functions Can be controlled via mobile application Helps reduce the amount of waste water while showering.

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intelligent irrigation system

A smart irrigation system is a technology that uses sensors and actuators that are They connect to the internet to manage water. Use in the garden or garden There is a metering system that collects data to determine soil type and weather conditions, and from this, determines the right amount of water for crops.

low consumption faucets

Low consumption faucets are used. Reduce water flow when washing hands or washing dishes.They work using sensors that are activated when they detect the presence of an object or hand to open the faucet. The manufacturer states that these faucets can save up to 70% of water on each job.

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With these options You will never waste water at your home, business or company again. It’s an action we should all take to reduce our monthly bills and help the environment. What are you waiting for to have these products at home?

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