5 documentaries about climate change

Ecology and climate change

Climate change is temperature change process that our world is facing due to natural events and terrible human actions. To understand this topic with more care and attention. The world of film and entertainment has released a series of documentaries that are perfect for learning about this topic.

If you’ve heard this song and don’t know what it’s about, Documentaries about climate change You’ll like them and they’ll keep you entertained and informed. Next, we’ll learn more details about these shows, what they’re about, and where we can watch them.


Learn about climate change by watching these documentaries.

Climate change is a serious issue that we all need to be informed about in order to understand how it is happening. And will it be possible to stop it? In these documentaries We will have an in-depth look at this matter. ecological problems And which platforms to enjoy them:

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When you know

is a French documentary that was released in 2020 and talks about How do we run out of energy resources on Earth? And what problems arise in society and personally? It also directly addresses the topic of climate change and the impending global water collapse. Directed by Emmanuel Cappellin and produced by Pulp Films, it is available to watch on Prime Video, Apple TV and Google Play, in addition to other free online content platforms.

Thank you for the rain

Thank You for the Rain is a documentary released in 2017 directed by Julia Dahr and tells the story of Kisilu Musya, a Kenyan farmer who Documenting the impacts of climate change in your environment It also shows all the efforts this man made in his community to remedy and resolve this situation. You can watch it on Filmin and DocAlliance Films.

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Before it’s too late

It’s a documentary that was released in 2016 and talks directly about climate change. Directed by Fisher Stevens and featuring American actor Leonardo DiCaprio Martin Scorsese, producers sought to explore all the changes this issue has created. and how to stop progress

The documentary shows Scientific discoveries, realistic images How is climate change progressing? human damage, and much more. Some of the most powerful people in the world feature in the documentary, such as former President Barack Obama of the United States Pope Francis Famous activist and scientist It is available to watch on Apple TV, Disney+ and Movistar Plus.


Morrow is a French documentary that was released in 2015 and talks about how power is used. Overcoming environmental problems that affect the world… focusing on ecological problems in 10 countries and related initiatives to combat them.

The same year it premiered. The film won the César for Best Documentary and in 2018, directors Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent released a second part in 2018 if you want to enjoy this film. It’s also available on Prime Video and DVD on Amazon.


Querida is a documentary that premiered in 2019 and revolves around an 82-year-old shepherd of Iranian descent who recounts everything this woman faced in her fields and how she It survives through nature and daily work.. Directed by Yaser Talebi and available on RTVE Play, National Geographic, YouTube and Netflix.

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plastic planet

Plastic Planet is a documentary directed by Austrian Werner Boote. The great threat that plastic represents in the world. This research is relevant to all of us. And it will allow us to reflect on all the harms that this product causes. high consumption and all the waste generated In addition, the waste, pollution, and inputs produced by their factories If you want to watch this documentary Can be viewed on YouTube.

Climate change cannot be ignored. And it is important to inform ourselves about this issue as soon as possible. We understand that this is not a problem that can be fixed in the short term. But when we move away from this Response time will be shorter. If you want to add value to the ecological fight to save the world. Please share this information.

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