Collaborative playlists on Apple Music

Yesterday, Apple ended the development period for the next major update: iOS and iPadOS 17.2. We’ve been working with the new beta for a few weeks straight. where various functions The upcoming integration has been refined, and yesterday the candidate version was finally released. This means that it is very likely that in the coming days or weeks we will see the update officially released. however, In iOS 17.2, we won’t see any Apple Music partnerships listed either. Even in the first betas the function will appear. Whatever happens, we will tell you.

Anyone (not) following along will get this: iOS 17.2 won’t bring Apple Music compatibility.

At WWDC23, Apple showcased iOS 17 and iPadOS 17, showing off new features. Excellent about to be released In fact, WWDC is the time to present all the interesting functions of the new operating system, and although these functions will not appear in the first official version, But users are already waiting for the following update. The same thing happened with Collaborative playlists on Apple Music Something that makes Spotify the standard, but not yet Apple’s streaming music service.

iOS 17 beta

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In the first beta version of iOS 17.2, this function was implemented. But once the beta passed, this functionality disappeared. And in the final version published yesterday. Well, there’s no trace of the collaboration list. The 9to5mac team analyzed the iOS 17.2 code and found the cause of the issues with this very interesting Apple Music feature. and from Cupertino It is working to reduce problems with spam and misuse of collaboration lists. This can lead to increased user requests for playlists and a poor experience.

Apple Music and AirPods Max

Users who don’t work with these types of problems every day will be surprised at how difficult these are when they see how other services like Amazon Music or Spotify have these kinds of collaborations without problems. However, Apple wants to take the time to fix it. Potential problems and prevent spam problems that may occur But what is clear is that The Big Apple hasn’t kept its promise and won’t release the playlist before the end of the year. What did you say.