Face ID under the screen

iPhone Removing the home button is a before and after operation. Like removing the audio connector or moving to USB-C, Apple measures every step and everything that comes after each move is beneficial. The next big change awaiting iPhone is Removal of Dynamic Island and integration of Face ID under the screen And this can happen. Beyond 2026 Because Apple is working on it.

Keep an eye out after 2026 for Face ID under the screen.

There are hundreds of rumors surrounding Face ID under the screen. It’s a possible challenge these days, but Apple hasn’t dared to do it yet. The reason? Many experts recommend that Risks and cost-benefit of this move It’s not profitable. Face ID currently works so well and the iPhone’s front-facing camera is so good that it’s impossible to risk something going wrong. That is why they continue to invest and develop the technology that keeps them going. Removes the iPhone 15’s dynamic island and integrates Face ID under the screen safely

Dynamic island changes on iPhone 15

So Apple’s goal is to achieve an iPhone in which the screen is the only thing the user sees when unlocking the device. But this is quite challenging because not only do you have to integrate the camera under the screen. But it also needs to include speakers, sensors, etc. Some experts suggest that Apple could make this change in two generations, as it did with Dynamic Island: the first leaving only the camera in the middle. (as if drilled) and in the second version This will eliminate any elements of the screen.

A new leak from the supply chain (The Lec) indicates that Apple is working with LG Innotek In developing a Under the camera panel without seeing the hole in the screen Indeed, this is all in line with the integration of Face ID without the need for a visible camera. Although, as we said, perhaps it will be done in two steps, leaving the selfie camera visible in the first model. From the leaks it is expected that we will see this technology. Beyond 2026