We explain how you can share accounts on Disney+.

How do you share an account on Disney+?

Streaming platforms have come to improve the user experience when watching television. A wide range of channels and a wide variety of programs allow us to enjoy relaxing moments in our day or quiet moments on the sofa, alone, with friends, with family or just for yourself and your partner to have a pleasant time. To contemplate watching interesting movies There are more and more platforms. And it’s hard to choose. However, not all platforms are the same. One of the favorites especially for young children is Disney+. We explain it to you. How do you share an account on Disney+?.

It’s basic if you have children at home. Or if you or your partner are eternal children who love watching their favorite childhood characters and still live out their adventures to the fullest, hey, why not? Disney cartoons and series convey positive values ​​to us besides making us laugh and get excited when in front of the screen.

Are you considering it? Subscribe to Disney+ But your economy is failing and you have to control your expenses down to the millimeter? Maybe the option of share account. Is it possible? We explain this in detail below.


Sharing a Disney+ account means cutting costs.

before you can Ask other people who already have a Disney+ account. to help you share their account with youYou’ll be lucky if someone kind-hearted agrees to this deal. Or you can Agree with family membersFriends, neighbors or co-workers Half of the subscription contract Go to the platform and pay half the cost. At least you won’t be responsible for all the expenses.

By paying only half You can save money and enjoy Disney+ naturally. But now? The truth is that now the situation has changed.

What do you think of this proposal? Now we know You still need to figure out what to do and the terms of the deal. But just so you know, we’re giving you an offer. Then you organize yourself as much as you can.

In fact, the best thing is that the payment amount can be significantly reduced because Disney+ allows you to share your account with up to 7 people. Isn’t that amazing? Of course, the more people using the account, The more complications there will be. But we will see this later.

Here’s how to share an account on Disney+.

How do you share an account on Disney+?

To use an account on Disney+, you need to create a profile. both the profile and the user whose account will be viewed Because in each profile Individual user settings List of movies or series to watch later and other settings So it can be recorded.

Each profile can watch TV from the same place. The platform is interested in ensuring that those sharing the service live in the same house. In order to prevent users from paying less money This affects the company’s bottom line. For example, it is not the same if four people live in a home. And each person has their own profile, such as your girlfriend, children and you, or parents, siblings and you, etc. to profiles that share accounts living in different places. The company found that subscribing to its own membership would be more profitable.

To create these profiles Do the following:

  1. from your television Open the Disney+ website.
  2. We assume you are already registered. If you haven’t already done so, Sign up
  3. Have you registered yet? Then log in with your username and password.
  4. in the upper right corner of the website You will see a tab with the option to add a profile.
  5. It’s time to customize your profile. Choose your avatar Enter your desired name or alias. Then select whether it is a child account or not. The system will ask you for your name. And when you have filled in all the information You can save your profile.

You will need to repeat this process for each profile you want to create. Remember that there is a maximum of seven profiles. Although it’s not recommended to have that many profiles in practice, if you want to, you can. You can do it. Because it has been allowed

How to watch Disney+ with your profile

As we’ve mentioned before, Disney+ doesn’t officially allow you to create multiple accounts from different locations. That is, you cannot share an account with your friends who live in the same neighborhood or two streets below. Only with people who live with you. It’s brown, we know! But this is what Disney+ has decided.

When you know this All you have to do is try your luck and try your luck by trying to share an account with users who live outside your home. Or resign yourself and act only with those you live with.

So get started whenever you want. Watch Disney+Enter your account and profile and search for your favorites. You can create your list. Add movies or series you like to watch. So it’s ready and ready when you want to see it.

You can delete your profile or the profiles of the people you shared your account with at any time if you do so. As long as you are a member In the same button you can edit your profile. You also have the option to delete it.

Disney+ for kids

How do you share an account on Disney+?

If you have children at home You can create a profile for them by selecting the child profile option and storing a name that they can view there. In case you are away from home and your kids are bored at home. They want to turn on the TV and entertain themselves with Disney+.

Disadvantages of Account Sharing on Disney+

We’ve seen the benefits of sharing accounts on Disney+: you save money and enjoy a variety of programming. However, it must be said that this also has disadvantages. These:

  1. If you agree to a co-pay or they give you the right to watch Disney+ without paying, it’s a luxury! But if you’re the one who signs up, others will take advantage of the service while you cover the costs.
  2. There are also limitations on simultaneous play. Therefore, channels can be viewed from only two or four devices. If someone wants to watch Disney+ at the same time, there’s a problem.

If you came to this article wondering: How do you share an account on Disney+?We regret to inform you that this was previously unavailable. But now it is no longer available.

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