This is the new Retroid Pocket 4; New Android console

It might seem like enjoying a good video game session is all it takes. You need to spend a fortune on the next generation of consoles. But that really isn’t the case. Because there are devices available in the market at very affordable prices that guarantee hours of fun just like in this case. Retro bag 4; New Android console

Still wondering what gift to ask for next year? Put it on your wish list. Because this small console is the best choice. So you won’t get bored throughout 2024, especially if you like old games.


A return to the classics A love of nostalgia in the world of video games

Let’s face it, we all love consoles that look retro and can play old games. that we can like But why is this so common?

  • nostalgia They remind us of our past. The time when we were young and even children Playing old games On retro consoles we are reminded of happy memories from childhood or adolescence. And we like that.
  • Simplicity and playability Today’s game was impressive. But it can also be complicated in terms of management. On the other hand, older versions are much simpler and more easily accessible to everyone.
  • visual style Although we like the cutting-edge graphics, But we can’t deny the pixelated beauty of old games. It is in our memories that we love to return again and again.
  • Retro community and culture As if all of the above weren’t enough. There is still a significant online community for fans of retro video games. Great place to find people who share the same hobbies as us.

How is the Retroid Pocket 4? New Android console?

It is clear that all of us who love the most classic style of video games will like the new Retroid console. Let’s review what is better known, because the project is still in the development stage and It’s only a matter of time before we see it on the market.

First of all, a carefully designed vintage aesthetic awaits us. The 4.7-inch touchscreen is surrounded by face buttons, D-pad, levers, and top buttons. Those are the classic buttons we find on video game controllers.

It is a portable video game console that weighs very little. Perfect for casual play on the sofa or in bed. without disturbing others But it also keeps you entertained while traveling on public transport. No doubt if you get it. You will definitely take it everywhere.

for internet connection We will need it when we need to download the game. But we can also save it to your internal card. It gives us the option to work even when we are in an environment without WiFi.

What is confirmed is that there will be different cases for the device. Very useful device if you need it. Keep your game console in good condition. It’s been a lot longer than that. It is not uncommon for these small devices to end up being attacked.

2 models for Retroid Pocket

The information we have about Retroid Pocket 4; The new Android console isn’t too spacious. But it has been confirmed that two different versions will hit the market.

Aesthetically, both things are the same. The difference lies in the interior decoration. The base Retroid Pocket uses a Dimensity 900 processor. It has two cores at 2.4 GHz and six cores at 2 GHz. Its graphics card is Mali-G68 MC4 and it has 4GB of RAM.

The Pro model, on the other hand, is based on the Dimensity 1100, with four cores at 2.6 GHz and another four cores at 2 GHz. It includes a Mali-G77 MC9 graphics card and 8 GB of RAM. There’s also a USB-C port for outputting video at 1080p resolution, so we were able to quickly and easily connect the small gaming console to the screen.

The internal battery in both models is 5,000 mAh, which gives us Guaranteed to play for a few hours before needing to be charged again. Moreover, in both cases We found a WiFi connection that would allow us to download the game and play online.

Rumor has it that one of the two models might eventually come with a low-power Tiger T618 processor. But little is known about this topic.

What games will we be able to play on Retroid Pocket 4, the new Android console?

What video games we will enjoy on this new retro console is still unknown. Since its operating system is based on Android, it is clear that we will be able to run games designed for this platform, but also It is possible to access an emulator that allows us to enjoy old games such as those on the PlayStation 2. and other consoles In that same model

What seems to be confirmed is that this tiny gaming console does not have access to the Play Store.

When will Retroid Pocket be released?

That’s a big question we all ask ourselves. Retroid has given us an update on new devices coming to market. But it’s currently unclear when a specific date will be given.

The logic is to think that it will hit the market throughout 2024, but there are no clues as to when this will happen.

In terms of price As we said at the beginning of this article. This is a much cheaper option compared to other video game consoles on the market right now. The price of both models will be between 150 and 250 euros. And buying through Amazon or other specialized sites is definitely not difficult.

If you like Retroid Pocket 4; With the new Android console, now is a good time to start saving and treat yourself to when we finally have it on the market. Get ready to enjoy hours of fun.

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