The most anticipated premieres for Disney Plus in 2024

This new year brings new things. A lot is coming for fans of 7th Art, expect a lot of premieres and interesting offers on all platforms. One of them is Disney Plus from the new season of the famous series. Premieres of other stories Including the movies that everyone is looking forward to, precisely. Today we’re talking about the Disney Plus premiere in 2024.

While this year won’t be as full of premieres as in previous years, great movie deals are still expected to continue the company’s legacy. We cannot cover them all. So we’ll focus on January’s premiere. that creates the highest expectations for viewers of all ages

We’ll tell you which are the most anticipated premieres for Disney Plus in January 2024:


throw out


This is one of the most anticipated premieres of January. The new series will premiere on January 9th. Available on Disney Plus and Hulu simultaneously, the five-episode series, a Hawkeye spinoff, has been announced.

The storyline focuses on Maya López and her life when she returns to her hometown. To deal with and accept her past Besides making peace with your roots and dedicating little to your family, All of this takes place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The curious fact about this series is that it will be The first production to be released completely at Marvel Studios at once. Because the previous chapters comes out every week

It’s always me

The first season of this series came out not too long ago. The second season is now scheduled for the 17th of this month. The combination of passion, mystery and great melody captures the attention. of the general public, let’s see if this formula is effective again or not. There are 10 chapters that will be available in It Was Always Me in this new season.

The story picks up steam when Lupe (Carol Seville) is in an apparent meeting to record a new album. Was the victim of the theft of an expensive necklace that belonged to her.. This season, join hands with actor Carol. Seville and Bueno Pipe which brings life to the original characters from the previous installments


This series is a favorite among children. Millions of people around the world It’s also a great option to spend quality time with your baby at home. The series is set to premiere at the end of January, which will be its fourth.This time there are 10 episodes, full of laughter and fun stories.

As always, the series tries to be educational through fun and addresses important topics related to love, friendship, and family. Although it is aimed specifically at children, Intelligently touches on a rather deep topic with valuable lessons. If you’re wondering, it’s a true gem and one of the most awaited premieres on Disney Plus in 2024.

Mickey’s Christmas Story

This series of shorts closely follows the adventures of Mickey Mouse, Minnie and their friends. Along with Santa Claus and Mrs. Santa, all these chapters They will tackle fun and adventurous Christmas themes relevant to this time. Very special of the year

This is another great deal for babies and A special opportunity to share with them as a family. and with the best learning It will be released in the middle of this month.

Insects: A True Adventure

This series will focus on the content that we miss the most. Many of us grew up watching the Pixar studio film A Bug’s Life. It was first released in 1998 but is still remembered by many.

This set It will take advantage of the reputation of its predecessor. and will be inspired by both the plot and the characters within it. It will be released on the 24th of this month.

Cristobal Balenciaga

This biography series It follows the most important moments in the life of this famous fashion designer.. In selecting actors in this part We will see many talented actors of Spanish and international descent. It was very successful in that country. And who will give life to one of the most talented and mysterious men in the industry? It is this passion for control and beauty that defines his distinctive style.

Today, Balenciaga is known all over the world. It is one of the most luxurious and exclusive brands. In this series, we will see its origins. Once this designer was responsible for the dress of the Spanish and European bourgeoisie. Expected to launch on January 19th, it will no doubt be one of the most anticipated releases for fashion lovers and history buffs alike.


This movie Action and science fiction hits our screens on January 17th. It’s definitely partnering with Disney Plus, even though the film was released in theaters last September. But now it will be released through this platform.

It is set in a war between the human race and an army of artificial intelligence forces. Top team of Human soldiers have a mission to find and destroy powerful weapons of destruction. It can end the human race. Met with amazement to the point of being speechless

How much does a Disney Plus subscription cost?

By now, you should know that in order to enjoy these releases. You will need to subscribe to the platform. For this you will have to pay a fee of €10.99 per month or €109.90 for the whole year.

This will give you access to all the content available on Disney Plus, along with a huge catalog of titles. Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars And also from National Geographic.

We hope that in this article Here you can find out about some of the Disney Plus movie premieres for 2024. that the audience wants most Let us know in the comments what other series or movies you are looking forward to. We read your mind.

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