The best tips for maintaining your turntable.

There are still romantic people who love gadgets. Both classic and equally ancient. record playerThese are almost cult objects that lifelong music lovers know how to admire with almost the same enthusiasm and reverence as works in a museum. The good news is that we can still enjoy the wonderful experience of having them at home. But it is advisable to keep in mind the minimum conservation standards for these famous instruments. Because vinyl records and record player It’s a delicate tool for everyday use, such as dust removal, and it comes with accessories. clean records.

If you still own a record playerIt’s good for you to know what. Maintaining your turntable So what? Dust removal efficiently There are various components such as wooden brush and velvet That you will be grateful to have nearby. So that your audio equipment remains perfect or nearly perfect forever.


Vinyl records to enjoy the music of yesterday and today.

Our grandparents, our parents, and now we have lived a very dear time. Thankfully, music accompanies us in our most special moments. Music makes the party come alive. relieve sadness and singing emotional events It doesn’t matter if we name the artist or the style of music we like. vinyl sheet It is the medium that gives us that musical magic.

There are many families who have kept this instrument from generation to generation and who do not have the opportunity to go to an antique store to purchase it. record player Where can I listen to their albums? Vinyl fans say there is no other medium that comes close to listening to music in this format. Something must be true, however, this instrument does have some disadvantages, which are summarized mainly in the difficulty of maintaining the vinyl and record player in correct condition on our shelves Vinyl will collect dust.

Even if kept in any drawer, it also reveals the passage of time. And perhaps for very romantic people Collecting dust is charming. But when you decide to listen to your records. You may find yourself surprised at how poorly those records perform. With proper hygiene You will avoid this.

Helpful Tips for Maintaining Good Care of Your Turntable

You received a record playerJust like your grandparents enjoyed the golden years of their youth. Or, you inherited an inheritance by collecting relics from your loved one’s most protected objects. and decided to take it home to honor your ancestors.

This is all very well. But you should know these helpful tips to keep your turntable in good condition. For example, do the following:

Avoid dust. Yes, we know that trying to keep dust away from a record or record player is impossible. We know that there seems to be a forbidden romance between the two. This means that turntables and records will inevitably be embraced by dust. But what do you think if we at least tried a little? Try to keep them slightly sheltered to keep this to a minimum.

Static electricity is the reason each disc is filled with dust. because it attracts it So don’t get upset because you failed in your attempt. But be careful not to rely on your laurels.

You’ll know your record needs cleaning. This is because you will hear clicks and hisses from your records when you play music on them. try to get Needle cleaning solutionLike a wooden brush and velvet for him Maintaining your turntable.

Step-by-Step How to Clean Your Record Player

We know it hurts. And in practice, you rarely do. But we tell you what is ideal. Then you decide what to do. If you can clean the disc after each use would be perfect

After listening to the song Grab your stylus and clean the vinyl and pen. record playerIf done every time you will prevent dust from accumulating and hygiene will be faster, easier and more effective than letting dirt accumulate.

You just have to pass. Needle cleaning brush With the needle of the instrument, do it gently so as not to damage the needle. Remember that you have a delicate tool at hand. If the needle is bent, it will not work well. And worst of all, the disc can get scratched and damaged. which is considered a serious misfortune

exists Vinyl and record cleaning kit That comes with a cleaning solution suitable for these devices. On the other hand, avoid using alcohol or blowing to remove dust. Because saliva can damage the tool.

Absolutely do not rub. Remove dust from the turntable.. Use several gentle strokes until the dust is completely removed. It may take longer. But you are confident that you will take good care of your equipment and will not damage it. Which is the risk you’ll have to run away from if you rub it.

Record cleaning kit at a great price.

If you are a music lover We know you’ll really enjoy it. record player and your vinyl, and you’ll want to have the best equipment on hand for maintenance on Amazon and similar sites. You’ll find cleaning products at great prices, such as the SPINCARE vinyl cleaning kit for €24.

or Needle cleaning brush with carbon fibers For under 11 euros from Kwmobile

This is the best technique for Maintaining your turntable and to last for many years in good condition. May your children and grandchildren continue to enjoy it as much as you are doing.

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