Techniques for listening to YouTube with the screen off

If you’re a loyal YouTuber and like to listen to music or podcasts, but you want Do it when the mobile screen is off.There are three options for achieving this goal. One of them is paying for the premium version. This is the official and legal channel for the platform.

The other two versions are based on Download some applications – Unofficial – that lets you watch YouTube with the screen off. You can also do this through “Crash” from the web version of YouTube from your mobile phone Let’s take a look at how to make each of these options possible.


How to listen to YouTube with the mobile screen turned off?

Listening to YouTube is really annoying. And when you turn off your mobile screen The screen will stop playing the content. To prevent this from happening We offer three options to help you proceed. Listening to YouTube in the backgroundEither you do something or the screen turns off.

Pay for YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium is a paid version of the platform. And among other options or advantages Another nice feature is the ability to play content with the mobile screen off or in the background. This is the official option and the one we recommend first.

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To gain access, the first thing you need to do is Pay your subscription fees directly on the platform.Prices vary depending on the country. But on average it is around 12 euros per month after registration and payment. You’ll enjoy one month free where you can try these and other functions.

Play YouTube from the web version on your Android mobile.

This is another option that helps you. Listen to YouTube with the screen offAlthough this is most unusual because it is a “fault” of the platform, it is widely used by people who do not want to pay for YouTube Premium. However, listening to individual content is a tedious process. Below we will explain in more detail how to do this:

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  • Find the video you want to play from the mobile version.
  • At the bottom, find the option «Share» and press «Copy link«.
  • Open your web browser and paste the copied video link into the address bar.
  • Look for the three vertical dots at the top of the video. Choose an option «Version for computers«.
  • This will enable the option to listen to YouTube with the screen off, or even when you exit the browser a button will appear to play the content again.
  • In case it does not appear Try using a web browser other than Google Chrome..

Play YouTube from web version on iPhone mobile

Just like on Android from your iPhone: You can listen to YouTube with the screen off.. The steps are similar. But we show you the same way:

  • Find a YouTube video in your app and press the « button.Share« Copy the video link and close the application.
  • Open Safari. and paste the link into your browser’s URL.
  • Press the “AA” button and press option “Request desktop website”
  • Play the video and avoid opening the app.
  • Locking your iPhone stops playback, but a control panel opens from where you can start playing again.

Special features of Android MIU12 and MIU13

at Special features on Android Available on MIU12 and MIU13, you can play YouTube videos with the screen off. To enable this native function on these devices We will need to do the following:

  • Looking for options”Settings» on mobile and there will be the word «Special functions«.
  • Once inside, press «video toolbox«.
  • In this section, we need to enable the video toolbox and the shortcut to the video toolbox.
  • Then we enter «Video application management«.
  • In it we reviewed YouTube and if you need other applications or not.
  • Finally, head out to the YouTube app and test the functionality.

Listen to YouTube with the screen off using the application.

Before explaining to you that Application for listening to YouTube with the screen off.It’s important for you to know that this option is not well tolerated. Because it is an alternative to the limitations of the platform. These developments are made by independent individuals outside of YouTube who are trying to take advantage of certain situations.

One of the most used ones is YouTube is superior And you have the option to allow content from the platform to play in the background or turn off the screen. You can even watch videos without ads and without installing an ad blocker.

In 2022, the application came under a lot of pressure from Google forcing it to take action. will stop performing duties Currently left without support or updates. However, it can be downloaded from some servers or from the official website in the latest version available.

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With these options, you can listen to YouTube with the screen off. Either by paying for the official version or by using certain methods. Whichever one you use, you should know its current meaning and facts to avoid future problems. Which of these options seems like the best choice for you?

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