Microsoft Whiteboard: Know its functions

g interactive digital board Ideal for real-time virtual teaching or remote teamwork. Here are some of its utilities. microsoft whiteboard, The application has been available in the Windows Store for less than a year. We will talk with you about this tool and everything you can do with it in this post.

As far as I can see, it’s like this. Very versatile app This allows us to perform a variety of operations, from inserting images. Drawing or underlining text to measuring or exporting files to OneNote, among other things. There are many possibilities that we can use for many different purposes.

This application can be defined as a smart canvas for collaborative creation. It has been designed to support touch input both using light pencil (Recommended) such as using a mouse and keyboard. Great for teamwork or sharing ideas in meetings. Because it allows users to access it from anywhere.

Microsoft Whiteboard is It’s free for Microsoft users. (You must have an account to use it.) There are many pre-designed templates available. Although it doesn’t allow you to create new templates.


Download and install

To be able to use Microsoft Whiteboard on your PC You just need to download the application from the official store. The required requirements are Have version 14393 or higher of Windows 10. Having said that, it can be used with some Apple devices such as the iPhone and iPad.

After download The installation process is quite quick. (It only takes a few minutes) After accepting the privacy terms We found that there are practical guidelines. Tutorial It will guide us through the most commonly used processes. Everything is in English But because it is software that actually works Pictures are therefore more important than text. So there is no problem.

IMPORTANT: This app is coming soon. Installed by default in Windows 11So there is no need to download.

Basic features of Microsoft Whiteboard

The Microsoft Whiteboard dashboard has many functions that allow us to present all kinds of ideas and concepts, show previews, present ideas, etc. The best thing is that it is very easy to use. Here are some things that we can do:


Drawing is the main function of a whiteboard. The whiteboard makes it user-friendly. four virtual symbols They also come in basic colors (black, red, blue, and green). Two special marks that changes color with each stroke and has a yellow marker pen to use as Highlighter.

If we draw with a stylus or similar device, we can. Are the strokes thicker or thinner? Use appropriate pressure. We also have eraser To stop making wrong lines or lines that we don’t like. Everyone’s creativity has limits.

measure with ruler

in the whiteboard toolbar (which we can scroll up or down to work more comfortably) has a set of icons corresponding to the marker and eraser. We will find the icon that shows measuring ruler.When you click on it A ruler will appear on the screen. This will help us create a straight line.

You can move and rotate the ruler across the screen. It depends on what we need at any given time. It should be noted that at the moment this function Only works with devices with touch input.l That is, it cannot be used with the mouse and keyboard alone.

Crop and select

Any image on the whiteboard can be selected and cropped for later use, e.g. Resize or move to another location.. This can be done from the crop icon to the right of the measuring ruler icon.

Insert pictures and notes

There are also some useful tools in the bottom toolbar on the far right. Button with the symbol «+»That makes us Add pictures and files that we saved on our PC to the whiteboard With the same option it is also possible. Add a sticky note (Popular. posted it) by adding text or whatever we want.

Create a table

Another practical function of this digital whiteboard is the possibility that it allows us to create tables. The way to do it is very simple: all we have to do is go to the options menu (top, right) and select the option. «Ink on the table».

The table we want to create can be drawn by hand. It doesn’t matter if the line comes out slightly crooked or not. Because the software will take care of the straight lines and Make the table according to our initial sketch.

Edit in collaborative mode

Finally, the most interesting feature of Microsoft Whiteboard is collaborative editing. This allows all users who are part of the project to use any functionality. mentioned above and share their sketches and ideas with others. The highest expression of teamwork and Brainstorming.

To access this option You need to click on the user icon and enable the option. «Web sharing link is open» With this operation A link will be generated so that we can send it to everyone we want to include in our project. Of course, in order for everyone to participate, the application must be downloaded and installed.

Also available in Teams

One special feature of a whiteboard is that Integrated with Microsoft Teams meetings. This gives all participants in a Teams meeting the option to draw, write, and exchange ideas on a shared digital canvas.

To publish a Microsoft Whiteboard digital whiteboard in Teams, here’s what we need to do:

  1. First we choose equipment.
  2. then we will channel.
  3. Then we go to the tab increase And we write “whiteboard” in the search engine.
  4. When the icon appears, click on it.
  5. We determine the name Go to the board where we want to share and We add it to the box..
  6. Finally we clicked. collect.

All Teams meeting participants can draw on the whiteboard. Although only organizers and presenters can share their content,

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