Learn how to remove startup programs from Windows 10 and 11.

If you’re wondering why your Windows PC takes so long to start up when you start it up, Chances are those apps that automatically launch during the boot process may be to blame, however, not all of these programs are necessary. Therefore, it is convenient for all users. Learn how to remove startup programs from Windows 10 and 11.

It should be noted that the problem is not limited to slow startMany of these programs also run in the background. This affects our computer’s memory. As a result, we may experience slower and less fluid transitions from one program to another. This is because The processing capacity of our computers is saturated.


What are default programs in Windows?

Default programs are those things. An application that runs automatically when our computer starts up.. These programs are very useful in some cases. For example, they are very convenient in browsers. (which most of us use when we sit in front of the computer) starts automatically when we turn on the PC.

In principle Adding a program to your computer’s startup isn’t bad. Because it’s there to make our lives a little easier. The problem occurs when there are too many startup programs.. That’s when situations we already know appear: less processing speed, unnecessary use of resources. and increased battery usage

Why disable startup apps?

This reduces the wait time between the time you turn on your PC and when you can start using it. The best solution is none other than Disable some unnecessary applications from Windows startup.. in the following paragraph We’ll explain what methods are available and how to do them.

There is no need to be afraid to take this action. Even if we disable all startup programs. But the system continues to work. However, the most important thing to be careful of is Only uninstall things we don’t really need.. There are many things that even seem unrelated. But it also has important functions such as antivirus or file synchronizer for cloud services.

Let’s see below what are the steps to remove Windows startup programs.

Delete default programs through settings

It is the first method that we can use to remove startup programs in Windows. If we want to do it from Windows 10, all we have to do is go to the search box and type «Startup application». Then we click on the option and a screen like the one shown in the image above will appear.

On this screen we will be able to Use the scroll key to open or close the app.. Logically, the fewer programs that are activated, The faster our computer will start up and the better its overall performance will be.

Method in Windows 11 It’s quite similar though. The way to access this menu is slightly different.. First you need to open Windows Settings, then select Applications. Then click start After this we arrive at the same application startup screen that we saw in Windows 10. The general aesthetic is somewhat different. But the method of activating or deactivating the application is the same.

How to proceed from Task Manager

Windows Task Manager is a very useful tool that we can use in many ways. Of course, it also helps us remove startup programs in Windows.

To open the Task Manager in Windows 10, you need to right-click on an empty space on the taskbar and from the menu select the option «work manager”. Sometimes the screen does not display in full screen. Therefore, it is necessary to open the entire channel by clicking on the button. “Additional details”

Then we go to Tab “Home”This will show all applications. Some are configured to start with Windows and have the option to enable or disable them.

In Windows 11, the method is slightly different. To access the Task Manager, we can type its name in the search box or click on the Windows icon. Now you need to go to the sidebar and select it. «Application Booster» This way we will have direct access to the box that we have already seen in the case of Windows 10.

Through the application itself

The third method is a little more laborious, as it consists in doing it from the same application. At first, this operation requires more effort. (You have to do this one at a time) and this is not possible in any case. However, if what we want is Delete only specific startup applicationsIt is the most appropriate resource.

There are some programs that, once installed, are configured to run during startup without our permission. You just have to search the options of these applications a little to find the settings that will allow us to remove them from the start.

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