If you have an air fryer You can’t miss these accessories.

Kitchen appliances are the star right now: air fryers, clean, discreet, healthy, easy to maintain…the advantages are well known. If you have an air fryer at home and use it regularly, there are several. decorations That will keep you interested and will help make your cooking experience more pleasurable.

This is what we will present to you in this article: a very useful set of elements that are very useful when cooking at home in an air fryer. Not only did they allow us. Perform tasks in an easier wayBut they will also serve us. Get more out of our fryer. There are people who are specially designed to work with air fryer and other things that we can use for other uses in the kitchen as well. Write down the 10 essentials:


silicone tray

Our first offer is always a practical one. silicone trayIt is a material that can withstand temperatures as high as 240°C without deformation or deterioration. But besides being durable, it also doesn’t stick and can be easily washed after use. We offer them in a variety of colors and sizes so that they fit without any problems in the basket of each fryer model: 3, 5, 6 liters and larger.

They generally have a similar design: The bulge at the bottom allows for even airflow. and one or two handles to help us put it on or take it off easily. Height is also important to avoid splashing inside the fryer.

These trays have the advantage that They collect the cooking juices at the bottom.which later we will be able to take advantage of

small silicone gloves

When using an air fryer The main rule is to avoid burns. That’s why gloves are essential. In this case it must be called small silicone gloves,Gloves that cover about half of your hand are the right size to hold the tray without burning yourself.

Silicone is the perfect material for this type of glove: it withstands high temperatures well. Safe for handling food And it can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher without any problems. Having these in our kitchen is always a great idea.

cupcake mold

If we have an oil-free fryer, one accessory that will be most useful to us is cupcake mold. Especially if we like to make desserts. Again, it’s a silicone tray, although it’s harder and more consistent with the right design to fit our palates. Cupcakes, biscuits and muffins.

When purchasing these molds We will find that there are many types to choose from. Holds 4, 6, or 8 cupcakes and also includes a nice mini cupcake tray baking mold. Some of these trays have a center handle or side handle to help us remove the mold when everything is ready.

The special uses that can be given to these molds are: To cook eggs in the oven In such cases it is important to adjust the temperature well to get the desired results.

cake mold

Many people who have an air fryer at home do not know that the appliance can also be used to prepare small cakes and pastries. For this purpose it is very important to have a good one. cake mold of silicon

The same is true for cupcake molds. We have many models to choose from as well. It is best to have a kit with three or four molds in our kitchen. (groove with a hole in the middle, star shape, etc.) so that our cakes have different shapes for different occasions.

Baking paper

Required. Baking paper or Baking paper Prevents food from sticking to the tray during baking. You could say it acts as a non-stick barrier between the ingredients and the cooking surface, is heat-resistant, non-stick, and in some cases reusable.

All of us have probably used this type of paper in a conventional oven. In the case of air fryers, it is also possible to find baking paper designs specially designed for the special features of this type of machine, even in the form of a small paper tray.

They sell perforated sheets which allow for better air circulation. Although they are not as hygienic as closed molds. Choosing one type of paper depends on what we want to cook with it.

silicone brush

Whether we cook something sweet or savory with an oil-free fryer. Here’s one accessory that shouldn’t be missed: silicone brushVery useful when painting molds. Spread sauce on meat or fish dishes. Spread syrup on the cake…

The material is important: silicone does not deform or melt. Plus, it won’t scratch or damage our trays and can be put in the dishwasher.

Aluminum and silicone tongs

Many times we find ourselves interrupting air fryer cooking to see if things are working properly. How does it go? For example, you need to flip a steak or stir a stew. For this purpose Aluminum or silicone tweezersThis allows us to perform these operations without scratching the surface and, above all, without burning our fingers.

It is a basic kitchen appliance that we can use for many other things. Many models also have a design with a clip lock to take up less space in the kitchen and can be stored in any drawer.

pizza plate

Who doesn’t like pizza? In our oil-free fryer We will be able to cook delicious mini pizzas quickly, easily and healthy. All we have to do is get the good stuff. pizza plateWith the right size for our specific fryer model.

In general, These plates are round metal trays that provide even heat distribution and uniform cooking. It’s a good idea before buying this set of dishes. Opt for a model with a little more depth.This will help us to cook other dishes such as quiches or tarts.

steam shelf

at steam vent Suitable for cooking meat and vegetables. The great advantage they provide is that Can be used with other molds or trays at the same time.A classic example is placing a tray at the bottom for heating stew. And at the top there is a shelf for placing the food that we want to steam. This way, the contents will be cooked with the heat and aroma of the stew below. Two birds and one stone

In the same way If we choose to use separate shelves It wouldn’t hurt to have a tray at the bottom to collect any juices or fat from the dish we’re cooking. As far as I can see, it’s like this. Very versatile accessory This allows us to play a lot when it comes to cooking.

Bread stand

Many air fryer users use the air fryer in the morning to prepare breakfast toast with juice or morning coffee. This would be much easier if we had something good. Bread stand.

It is a metal grid that adjusts perfectly to the size of the frying basket. This allows the bread to be heated and toasted evenly on both sides. When the toast is ready You can remove the backing. (Use gloves to avoid burns) and place directly on a plate or tray on the table.

Accessories of this type can be found with different capacity of toasting two, four or more slices of bread. Whatever fits in our air fryer

oil mist spray

It’s true that the air fryer has another name. This is one of its main and most attractive features: it cooks food that is healthier and less fatty. However, this depends on the food we are cooking. It is impossible not to rely on a little oil.

g oil spray It is a tool in which we need to add minimum amount of oil for perfect cooking without excess fat. The most obvious case is french fries, which even in this type of oven require a little oil. In addition to grinding food, it can also be used. Grease trays and containers

We found these sprayers in Different sizes and capacity. Can be refillable, easy to use and can be washed in the dishwasher. We can also spray different types of oils depending on the needs of each dish.

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