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One of the most amazing things about technology is its ability to easily adapt to just about anything. What was initially developed for a specific purpose can become something else. Today we are going to talk about how you can turn your old tablet into a retro console.All this in a relatively simple and inexpensive way.

Giving the tech devices you have at home a second chance is a great way to save money and extend their lifespan. Additionally, to commemorate many people’s childhood memories. with the most successful retro games of the end of the last century


How can you turn your old tablet into a retro console?

This is quite simple. Because even though your tablet might be a little outdated for some other activities, You can use it perfectly to play your retro games.. To do this, you will need to download an emulator for this type of game, which you can buy from the Play Store.

You can raise it to another level and From the comfort of your home, turn your tablet into a retro console. For which you need some additional components. such as:

  • The first element will be Your old tablet
  • You must have USB cable or HDMI adapter These will be used to connect your tablet to your HDTV.
  • HDTV which You will be able to play games that come from the emulator. that you previously downloaded on your smartphone (This is not an important component. Because as you can see We have done it directly from the tablet)
  • At least one controller to play As if it were a console It is important to connect via Bluetooth network, although a USB cable will also work.
  • ROMs of all the games you want to playYou can get these from various websites. that we will tell you later or from games that you already own
  • We also recommend that you keep it. Your old tablet is connected to a power source. so as not to close in the process You can also use a tablet stand, which will provide more comfort.
  • We recommend that you Do you have a Micro SD card? This will store all your games and apps in it. Because otherwise your old tablet (which usually have little storage space) quickly fills up and becomes unusable

Which emulators are the most popular?

Retro Arch

In the Play Store or using any browser, we can find a wide variety of emulators for retro games. Although in most cases We only found availability for consoles like PlayStation and SuperNintendo. This is why we recommend using RetroArch and it’s emulator for all types of retro games. It doesn’t matter what console those games are on.

This app doesn’t work like a simulator. But it is a simulation program.. which makes it even more comprehensive. Because in it you can use all the game ROMs you have. The list of consoles that RetroArch can emulate is very extensive.Just like their other games.

Moreover, if this is not enough Supports connections via Bluetooth and USB. by His command No doubt, with this app you can quickly and easily turn your old tablet into a retro console.

You can download RetroArch directly from the Play Store or follow this link.

Super Emulator-Retro Classic

This is one of the best emulators with which you can convert your old tablet into a retro console. In it you will find a wide variety of classic games. Moreover, the technical requirements for installation are very low. So with any device Regardless, it should work wonders.

It doesn’t work in the same way as RetroArch, because in this case You can get games directly from the app. You don’t even need to use the game controls. It is undoubtedly a simpler alternative in case you do not have everything described above.

Some of its most prominent features are:

  • you can Play all the classic retro games available. With three types of simulators
  • app Automatically save your gameSo you don’t have to start over when you return.
  • It is very easy to customize for all three emulators.

This application is It is very popular on the Play Store, having been downloaded more than a million times.In addition to having great reviews. Of course, what we don’t like about the app is that once you download it from the Play Store, you have to download each of the retro games available there separately.

Where can I find games?

These games (or Roms as they are known) It’s actually a compressed file in a RAR or ZIP file. You can get these from games you previously purchased. Now, if you don’t have a game for which you have Roms, you should know that there are many websites that offer them. Some websites require payment. And some websites offer their services for free.

yes, definitely, This is not legal. And you do so at your own risk. You can also find Roms made by some independent game creators for free. Which, of course, is not illegal at all. Even though they aren’t classic retro games, But you might also come across similar games.

Finally, how to start everything?

Once you have installed the ROM on your tablet and installed RetroArch, follow the steps below:

  1. Access the RetroArch appGrant permission to use
  2. As soon as the app opens You will be able to access its interface. It is configured to be used in portrait mode.
  3. Click on the option Load core, This will load the core. (emulator) of your tablet If this is your first time using RetroArch Then press on the option Download Core to load the simulator
  4. automatically A list of available simulators will appear in front of you.Click the one you want to load. That’s it. Press option Load content
  5. This option of Load content It basically consists of loading the ROM of the desired game. Remember that you must have it on your tablet.
  6. which RetroArch needs access to your file manager. To search for game ROMs
  7. When you find it, press Load archive file And ready!

We hope that in this article You have found all the necessary information to easily turn your old tablet into a retro console. Tell us what you think of our tips. Or if you know of an easier or more efficient way to do it, we read your mind.

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