How to transfer photos from one Android to another? | Complete Guide 2023

Transfer photos from one Android to another

on our phone We store all the data and files we need on a daily basis. But what happens when we want to share these files with another phone? Luckily it’s very easy. Thanks to the variety of apps and functions on our smartphones. Today it’s accurate. We will discuss how you can transfer photos from one Android to another. Several methods are used for this.

Each of the methods we will show you is specific. It depends on the images you want to transfer. Although yes, it is very easy to use and has special features. That makes them the best in their category. Using these methods is completely free, and not only photos can be transferred. But it also includes a wide variety of files without the need for additional payment.



Transfer photos from one Android to another

This was the most used method a few years ago. And although there are now many other options for transferring photos from one Android to another, the use of Bluetooth remains. The main advantage is that there is no need for third-party apps. Just make sure that both devices have Bluetooth connections enabled. It’s not the fastest option, though.We recommend transferring only a small amount of images.

Follow these steps to complete the photo transfer:

  1. The first thing is to make sure you have Bluetooth enabled on your device. as well as any other devices you want to transfer images to.
  2. Confirm previous steps Go to the Photos app on your device or your file manager. to search for a photo and select it.
  3. Once you have chosen You will see the share option. Press on it and select Bluetooth.
  4. Select the device you want to send the photo to. and confirm that the request has been accepted
  5. Wait a few seconds or minutes for the transfer to complete. That’s it!

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Transfer photos from one Android to another

This is a very popular app and is quite versatile. This makes it possible to exchange images between multiple mobile phones simultaneously. But not only this But it also includes videos, apps, documents, and more. All this in a very easy and natural way.

The only drawback we can see is the need to install the application between the devices where data will be transferred. For file transfer, Zapya uses a Wi-Fi network.

To transfer photos from one Android to another using Zapya, do the following:

  1. The first step will be Both phones download apps from the Play Store. And it’s already installed.
  2. When you are finished installing Access the app.
  3. at the bottom edge You will see two arrow signs facing opposite directions.Other than that, you need to press
  4. The next step will be Create a group in the app Another device must join your group.
  5. Once the two phones are connected Find pictures and send them.
  6. This method is very simple and fast. Allows you to send multiple images at the same time.

Google Drive

Transfer photos from one Android to another

This is an app that comes installed by default on your Android terminal that basically allows you to upload any type of file to the cloud. Once they were there You can access it from other devices.Whether it’s a mobile phone or tablet.

For which you just need to follow a few steps:

  1. Make sure the app is installed on your mobile. If not, Then do it from the Play Store.
  2. Proceed with opening the app and completing registration. Using your Google account
  3. Pressed Above the More button (+) at the bottom edge of the screen
  4. You will see several options. Select Upload and find the photo you want to upload in the mobile gallery.
  5. When finished You can access these images from any mobile phone. You only need to access it through your Google account.

Share it


Another successful app for Android phones that allows transferring all types of photos and files. This is a very safe and easy to use app.which secures user data and information for the first time

Some of its most prominent features are:

  • It helps. Share all kinds of files between mobile phones robot
  • An internet connection is not required for this. Because it uses a Wi-Fi network
  • Its intuitive and harmonious user interface has made it a favorite among many.
  • Don’t worry if you leave the transfer midway every time you want. This can be picked up right where it left off.
  • No matter the size of the file. It works very fast.
  • Support many languages

This app has Adoption of millions of userswhich has accumulated to date more than one billion downloads. Positive reviews give it an overall rating of 4.6 stars from over a million reviews.

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An app that stands out above all else with its excellent speed which Make it stand out and be liked by millions of users.. No internet required which helps you save on mobile data.

The most popular aspects are:

  • Allows file transfer to other devices. If you want to access the internet
  • You can share Photo, video applications, Documents and more

Can be downloaded from the Google App Store. It has over 100 million downloads and a 4.3 star rating. According to user feedback It is one of the most popular and successful of its kind.

We hope that in this article You have found all the necessary information to know how you can transfer photos from one Android to another.Although there are many routes to choose from, But we have tried to group the most efficient routes for you. Let us know in the comments what you want for this purpose. We read your mind.

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