How to disable wifi on my router?

It is possible Disable your home Wi-Fi without turning off your router.But the important question is why would you do that? There are a number of guaranteed reasons. For example, you feel like a stranger is stealing your internet. You are about to replace a device or signal booster. You want to restart the connection. But not routers, etc.

Whatever the reason It is not recommended to turn off the router.Even if you think doing just a few minutes will be okay. But you could be causing problems without realizing it. One of them is losing control over the connection speed. Another is to send the wrong message to your service provider and indicate that you are continuously unstable. You may also damage the router and make it less than rated if you do it frequently. If you want to learn how to disable Wifi without turning off the router. We’ll let you know here.


How to disconnect Wifi without turning off the router

to start the process How to disable Wifi without turning off the routerYou should know that there are many different types of wireless connections, from routers, modems/routers, Mesh networks, or dual-band routers. Each of them broadcasts Wifi signals but works differently. Therefore, turning off the internet signal for each person is different. Let’s take a look at what the methods are and which one is best for you:

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Disable Wifi from modem/router settings.

If you have a modem/router This indicates that your device uses two functions together. That is, it receives the internet signal from your service provider and at the same time distributes it wirelessly throughout the area. In this case, if your device has You can see the “Turn off Wifi” button.Pressing is enough, but if you don’t have it, you must follow the steps as follows.

  • Disabling Wifi without turning off the router is done through router settings And to access it, you need to use a web browser. Enter the IP address that is enabled for connecting to the device. This is usually found on a label attached to the bottom of the router.
  • If you can’t locate it easily There is another method. It’s a little more complicated and longer. But it is equally effective. Here’s what you can do:
    • Enter the Windows terminal (it’s a small window with a black background). To search, you can press the key combination «Windows + R«. You can also type in the search engine of your operating system and enter the words “terminal” or “command prompt”.
    • A small window will open with a search engine of some sort. Enter the initials «order» and press Enter.
    • Place an order «IP config» On black screen

  • Copy the IP address shown in the section. “Default Gateway”
  • Paste the IP address into your browser and open the device settings. These can vary depending on the brand and model of router. However, in general You just have to do it. Go to the “Wifi” or “WLAN” or “Wireless” section. and disable the connection labeled “Enabled”

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Disable dual band Wifi without turning off the router

If your router is dual-band, this means that it has two frequency channels: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. These devices are very efficient when browsing the network, and disabling them requires the same previous steps. double deactivation

You will find A. on the same route as before. “Enable” for each frequency channelYou just need to disable or turn them off individually. This will terminate the connection of any devices. in the house automatically

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Disable your Wi-Fi mesh network without turning off your router.

Mesh networks provide centralized Internet connectivity for large areas. The signal must remain intact regardless of the square meter area of ​​the property. For Turn off Wi-Fi without turning off the mesh network router.This is done through the mobile application as originally configured.

If you make the connection yourself You’ll know what I’m talking about. But if you hire a technician They should specify some steps, which include installing an app developed by the same company that manufactured your router. From there you can manage endless features, security, parental controls. and disabling Wi-Fi

With these steps You can disable Wi-Fi in your home without turning off your router. It’s a simple process to accomplish, considering that each type of network you have has specific steps. Tell us what type of network do you use at home?

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