How to control your PC from another device


There are many situations in which the resources to manage computers remotely are very useful. Normally this is done. When we need to help other users who are in a location other than ours We connect to your computer and from our computer. We will move your computer to carry out the necessary operations on a case-by-case basis. In this post we are going to look at How to control your PC from another device

This function is very useful even for us, as it allows us to access our own computer from another location, for example to access files or programs that we have installed.

In Windows, it is included by default. Remote desktop feature called RDP (remote desktop protocol). This allows us to establish a connection between two computers. As long as the administrator on both machines allows it. But if this protocol is not used We have other ways to achieve the same thing. That is, controlling your PC from another device.

The simplest and fastest solution is to install a program on our computer that allows us to easily and safely perform this task. And in this specific category there are many to choose from. Here are our suggestions:



Any table

The first software on our list is AnyDeskThis is a very popular solution for many reasons. First of all, it is a free program. (although there is a paid version with additional functions) that provides the possibility of controlling the computer remotely.

Another reason to choose AnyDesk is that it is very easy to use, for example to access a PC from a mobile phone. We need to download an app on our smartphone first to connect. At the same time you need to start the program on the PC. A nine-digit code is provided which must be entered into the app to complete the process.

It is also a very light program that will use very little space on our computer’s storage. And that’s always interesting.

Software download link: AnyDesk

Download links for Android and iOS

Google Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop

Now let’s take a look at the solution that Google offers us to control our own PC from another device. It is called Google Chrome Remote DesktopLike this without complicating things with complicated names. To be able to use it on our Windows computer, we just need to install the Chrome browser and activate the Chrome Remote Desktop extension, which is available for free in the Chrome Web Store.

Setting up this tool is very easy. And it only takes a few minutes. After that, it’s very easy to start sharing any element. that we need from your Windows PC screen. The only requirement is that the second device must have the same browser installed, that is, Google Chrome (or equivalent in the mobile version) installed. Remote connection is easy if We follow the instructions that appear on the screen.



Probably the least known program in our short selection, although in fact it has nothing to envy others. Supreme It’s a pretty good remote control software for PC and it’s free. As long as it is for personal use. (For professional or business use You must be subscribed to one of the paid plans)

The software is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. It is very easy to use. with this tool So we can remotely control the PC from another device. join the meeting and even chat with remote users. Very practical

In addition to the PC remote control function There are also other functions. Equally interesting, for example, is remote sharing of files and folders between computers.

Team Viewer


The most famous option exists to remotely manage a PC at least by the number of users. Just like the other solutions on our list to use Team Viewer First, you need to download and install it on the two computers you want to connect. (There is also the possibility of using a version for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.) Connection is made using a special code that corresponds to each device.

Like SupRemo, the program also has a practical chat service that allows you to create a communication channel between two connected users. In order to better coordinate work performed remotely.

Similarly, TeamViewer provides a completely free version for each user for personal use. Like other payment options, it is aimed at companies and professionals.

Soho Assist


We close our list with Soho AssistIt is a remote assistance software designed specifically with teamwork needs in mind. Arguably, what sets this solution apart from other popular solutions is that it is more suitable for business use.

In fact, Zoho Assist is just one of the many tools in the Zoho suite, especially those that have been developed to provide access to any computer in an easy way. Especially considering how powerful tech support services are – you know, IT people who ask permission from customers to connect remotely and fix problems.

All this makes this option more accurate and cost-effective. Although there are various plans Many to adapt to the budget of any type of business.

In short, here are our five proposals so that we can all control our PCs from other devices. The list could be longer. But most users will find what they need in one of these solutions. Which one do you like?

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