How to change (and style) the watch face of your Amazfit

amazfit watch face

There are several reasons why it is worth buying a smartwatch. But besides all the interesting functions these devices offer us. We must also pay attention to the aesthetics part. In this post, we will see all the customization options that Watch face on Amazfit watch

clock face is an English word used to refer to what we know as watch face. When talking about smart watches This is often not the most important point when deciding which model to buy. There are other features. that weigh more, such as compatibility with other devices Our health and sports activity tracking functions Battery capacity, etc.

However, we are still human beings. which means The aesthetic factor is important to us.There are many people who carefully choose the watch face design to match their dress or personality. For many people, it is a fundamental issue to be flexible and able to change the appearance of our smart watches in different ways. clock face.

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In this sense Amazfit smart watch They stand out from most competing brands that versatility It is one of its strengths. If you have a watch from this brand You will have many resources to change the look of your watch face. Both through the official channels of the manufacturer and through third-party apps. It’s not difficult to find countless offers. What’s really complicated is choosing from the huge variety.

But there’s something better: it’s also possible. Create our own Amazfit watch face Through a relatively easy-to-use generator. We will examine all these options in the following paragraphs:


Watch faces in the Amazfit app

If you have an Amazfit smartwatch, you should probably download the official application called Sepp (And if it’s not like that We will provide you with the link below) in case we are looking for an easy way. To customize our smart watch faces This option may be enough.

The possibilities that the official application of the brand gives us are: Decorate your watch face with photos of our choice.. (Our spouse or children our pets, etc.) Customization is limited to the background image only. Nothing more This can be done by following these steps:

  1. To begin with, we open the file Amazfit application on our smartphones
  2. Then we go to the tab Brief history And click on our clock to see a menu of options.
  3. There we choose «Clock appearance settings» then we will do “Customize”
  4. The next step is to click on the option. «Change background sphere». At this point we can choose to take a photo with the camera or upload it from the gallery*.
  5. To finish, click on the button. “Sync”

In order for the results to come out well It is recommended to make some shape and size adjustments to the image before uploading.

External application to have new Watchfaces on your Amazfit

If the customization possibilities offered by the official Amazfit application are a little too much for you? You can try many third-party apps that offer new ways. There are so many different ways to change the look of your smartwatch, we’ve gathered only the best:

Amazon Face

surprised This is an app that hasThe world’s largest watch face collection for Amazfit watches.

Although it also includes many other brands. Its vast catalog (more than 45,000 spheres) is made up of creations from the brands themselves and users around the world. It’s almost impossible not to find a design that expresses our individuality. Another great tourist attraction of Amazon Face

It is a very easy to use app. A small detail worth noting: synchronizing the selected design is somewhat slower than in the case of the Amazfit app, but the final result is perfect.


Amazon Tools This is another great option to personalize our Amazfit smartwatch. This exceeds the limit set by the official application. Watch face finder AmazTools

We have a constantly renewed catalog to always offer you something new.

The best thing is that in it we have access to spheres directly inspired by the design of the Apple Watch. There is also the option to “copy” the watch face design from other brands and models besides Amazfit. No. It’s undoubtedly an interesting option, even though it’s only available on the iPhone.

GTR WatchFace editor

gtr watch face editor offer of GTR WatchFace editor

Unlike the other options on this list, with this app we don’t get to choose the watch face we want for our smartwatch. But we have the opportunity to design it ourselves according to our own tastes and preferences. The truth is thatIt’s not a simple tool. : Designing from scratch is the responsibility of the user. This can be a major obstacle for many, however, it’s worth spending a little time learning how to use the app. Because with this app we will be able to achieve it.

Unique design with a high level of customization. With a little patience and creativity. And with the invaluable help that the preview screen gives us, GTR WathFace Editor becomesA powerful weapon is in our hands.

And not only for designing watch faces for our Amazfit. But we also showcase our creations on other platforms.

Link: Watch Face Editor

Watch face for Amazfit

amazfit watch face Finally, an application that contains all kinds of watch face examples for our Amazfit smartwatch Wear. Watch face for Amazfit

It’s the closest thing to going into a store and choosing. The app will guide us through this process. First we need to choose the size and model of our smartwatch. Then start searching for its category. It will be impossible to find something we don’t like.

It should be noted that this is an app designed specifically for models of this brand and has already been downloaded more than 500,000 times. It is only available for Android.

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