Google Maps includes weather forecasts for your travels.

Google Maps It is one of the most successful and popular apps on the Play Store.. It has very interesting and useful tools and options for the users who use it. That’s why Google updates and optimizes it regularly. The latest such company Users were surprised by the news that the Weather feature will be launched for Android devices. Note that this has been available since 2019, although it is only for the iOS operating system. Today we’re going to talk a little more about how Google Maps integrates weather forecasts for your travels with a new interface.

This is not entirely new functionality. Because many apps in the Play Store have integrated this functionality with very good performance. But the same complements the functionality of very successful applications that for some reason do not yet exist, although this is an old complaint from users. It promises to help people plan their activities and routines better. Especially those with outdoor plans. Also for those who are planning a trip. Knowing what the weather will be like that day is very helpful.


What is the weather forecast function of Google Maps?


This is the function that It has been in service for many years. Although it is only available for devices running the iOS operating system. Recently, Google announced that it will soon be available to owners of Android phones and tablets. This feature was announced after years of complaints from Android users. All of this is due to the lack of this in the app for the company’s operating system, which seems ridiculous.

How will the new weather tool work?

As the company informs us When you access Google Maps, it’s below the search bar. You will find a few options. which will provide information related to the weather conditions of the places you want. This way, Google Maps includes weather forecasts for your trips and other activities.

When you click, you’ll see a section that provides quick, eye-catching information about the current temperature, rainfall and air quality for the next few hours. Searching for it manually or through the Google search engine is enough. Map out where you want to get important weather information.

When can we use this feature?

This function was not implemented due to issues related to the design of the Google Maps app interface. This interface has undergone some changes. That allowed Google to add the Climate section, as some users were able to see the Android 14 beta firsthand.

Until now, the date when this function will be rolled out to all users is uncertain. Google has only given us some information about this. and create expectations about what we can expect from it.

You can use any other application instead of Google Maps.

Now, if the tools that Google Maps offers for your travel weather forecast aren’t enough, and you want more options There are also many alternative apps. Luckily for you, the Play Store has many such apps. that will make your trip a unique experience

Some alternative apps for Google Maps include:

Zoom the world


This is a very practical application with many functions. Promises to keep you updated with all the weather information. The importance of any place in the world in real time

The most outstanding features are:

  • is Powerful hurricane and storm tracker Rain and Temperature Radar
  • to you Constantly updated information About short-term and long-term weather forecasts
  • You will need Access powerful live satellite imagery from meteorological events, including forest fires

Easy to use and fast This makes the app a great choice for planning your trip.. It has more than 500,000 downloads on the Play Store and mostly good reviews.

Weather conditions by meteors

This is an excellent app to know the weather forecast for any location in the world. It is widely used and is one of the favorites of Android users. Even though it was launched many years ago But it was still very successful. The design of this app’s user interface is simple. Still modern and versatile. which facilitates quick and easy weather status consultation.

In the app You can configure your current or permanent location. To have all the weather forecasts at your fingertips. This will happen over the next few hours and even days from now. It has one of the most accurate prediction systems.

Find it on the Play Store, where it has been downloaded over 10 million times. In addition to having good reviews and a 4.8 star rating. Among millions of opinions It’s certainly a great alternative to Google Maps for weather forecasts for your travels.

Local weather forecast

The application of this time is simple. Focus on practice and very intuitive It will work as a personal weather assistant. To facilitate searching for weather conditions everywhere

The most prominent features of this app are:

  • app Displays a variety of weather information Such as hourly temperature, wind chill, UV index, chance of rain, snow, ice, wind speed and much more.
  • prepared Local notifications about impending natural disasters and meteorology at the present time
  • You will receive a Reliable weather forecast for the next 24 hours. in your location. You can also search for other geographic destinations manually.
  • View satellite images of time in the world

More than 10 million downloads and one This app has a good rating in the Google App Store.There is no doubt that it will be a useful aid in planning your trip.

We hope that in this article You learned a little more about the Google Maps function that provides weather forecasts for your trip. In addition to this great tool We also offer a small collection. of apps that have similar functions as well Let us know in the comments if you found our tips helpful. We read your mind.

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