Genesis Thor 303 TKL round mechanical keyboard

Thor 303 TKL Genesis

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We analyze the new Thor 303 TKL from Genesis, a gaming keyboard with RGB lighting at a reasonable price. Let’s take a look at all its features to see whether it deserves the “game” moniker it wants to earn directly on the playing field.


Material and design

We’re looking at a compact keyboard with no digit space, measuring 355 x 136 x 36 mm in total. The 865 grams of weight doesn’t matter, as it’s made from a solid mix of aluminum and plastic that provides We feel the quality is excellent. In this case, we have opted for the black version. Although it should be noted that you can also choose a white version.

Thor 303 TKL Genesis

Its aesthetics are matched by RGB lighting with PRISMO EFFECT. That’s 25 color functions pre-configured by Genesis with the click of a button. It is equipped with internal cable management rails and has a white mesh for protection. And above all in case we have to replace any components. It must be done quickly and easily.

Technical characteristics

We have a 1000Hz frequency response using anti-ghosting technology. N-KEY rollover And with a response time of just 8 milliseconds, the integrated Hot Swap system allows us to easily replace switches in the event of failure or satisfaction.

Thor 303 TKL Genesis

The switch included in the Thor 303 TKL is Ontemu RED. It has a maximum actuation point of 2 mm and requires a total of 45 grams of pressure to activate. Within acceptable parameters it can be considered a “gaming” keyboard.

The response time of the switch is Just 1 millisecond and in the middle of the noise, totaling about 54dB. You must keep this in mind if you choose to use this type of keyboard in the office. For whatever reason, we don’t want to know. You will be the most hated person in your department. No, this is not a keyboard for everyday work. Because it will make you too tired. But it’s there for enjoyment and making the most of your gaming time.

Two replacement switches are included in the box. And if we talk about durability, then we have a guarantee from Genesis that We will be able to press more than 50 million keystrokes.

Thor 303 TKL Genesis

The length of the cable is 1.8 meters, so we can use it comfortably, and at the back we have a rail for this purpose. The total number of buttons, in case you’re still in doubt, is 87, with 11 of them for different functions. Including multimedia controls.

For its part, it is compatible with all models of window Between 7 and now if you want more information. You’ll find it easy to use on Android, and I’d say there aren’t any issues with using it on Mac.

Editor’s opinion

Obviously, we are looking at an entry-level product in terms of price. But it is a product that is truly surprising for its capabilities. There is no doubt that it received the surname “game”. Thor 303 TKL from this Genesis A complete product which has its own customization software and has all the features or functions that enable the user to enjoy their games without any interruptions or hindrances.

Price starting at 58 euros On Amazon, although this may vary depending on the point of sale, such as the Genesis website, there is no doubt that it is positioned as a very attractive product in its price range and was a very attractive product for us on first contact. For advanced game product settings

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