Discover how to recover digital certificate passwords.

A digital certificate is an electronic document that unquestionably proves the identity of a person within a website, for example at the Social Security Office or the Electronic Ministry of Finance. Because we use such information in important personal steps. It is therefore very important not to forget your PIN. But what happens if we forget? We can. Recover password from digital certificate?

If you have gone to use a digital certificate and are having trouble verifying your identity because you forgot your password, Pay attention to what you need to do to end this situation.


Importance of Digital Certificate PIN

Digital certificates are issued by an entity authorized to carry out certification. In the case of Spain Arrangements are made through the National Currency and Stamp Factory (FNMT). which is the organization authorized to do so

We request a certificate online. We will then have to prove our identity to the certification authority. When we have finished Then we can download the file to our device. and began using it for official identification online.

One unique feature of these certificates is that they These certificates are based on public key cryptography. It is shared openly. But there is another private key that is kept secret. This way, data encrypted with a public key can only be accessed if you have the corresponding private key. and vice versa

It is a rather complex system that tries to protect our security and power. It proves without a doubt that anyone who performs a process with a digital certificate can only be the holder of that certificate. And this can be done via a private key or PIN, as this should only be known to the owner of the certificate.

You create the password yourself when you request the certificate. And you need to make sure that your password is super strong, so you can follow these tips to create one:

  • Create a long password which Have at least 10 characters. If you have more, much better.
  • Combine uppercase and lowercase letters with numbers and special characters. This Strengthens security and makes hacker attacks more difficult However, in the specific case of digital certificates Using special characters is not recommended. This is because some characters may create incompatibilities on some web pages that require certification.
  • Do not use personal information Make sure the password does not contain any personal information. such as your initials or your birthday Because it can be easily searched
  • Don’t use generic words. Make sure your password isn’t a generic word. If you are going to use words that are easy to remember Please edit with letters and numbers.
  • Use a unique password. Do not use for digital certificates. Keys that you have already used in other services

Let’s say you’ve requested a digital certificate and created a password. Remember it. Once you’ve verified your identity, You will be asked when installing the certificate on your device.

Is it possible to recover the password of a digital certificate?

FNMT is very clear when it comes to answering this question. And in there too The website emphasizes that digital certificate passwords cannot be recovered by any means. This is for security reasons. And it’s the same reason why when it was created. That password can no longer be changed.

If you are thinking of writing it down somewhere so you don’t forget. Never save it on an electronic device. The safest thing to do in these cases is to write them down on paper and keep them safe at home. Not at your workplace This method seems very basic.It has become the best way to protect passwords.

What happens if you lose your digital certificate password?

Because the digital certificate password cannot be recovered. What will happen if you forget it? What happens is that you will have trouble deleting the affected certificate.

although FNMT allows you to cancel online. In this case it will not be possible because we cannot identify ourselves because we do not have the password. All you have to do is go to the accreditation office. But it doesn’t have to be the same office you went to at the time to verify the applicant’s identity.

If you are going to be showing up at the office, be sure to bring your DNI or NIE. And if you have those documents in hand Also bring the documents that were given to you at the time the certificate was issued.

According to the website of the National Currency and Stamp Factory You can revoke the certificate by calling the telephone service. 24/7: 917 406 848 – 913 878 337.

The same person cannot have two different digital certificates. Therefore, if you request a new certificate The previous certificate will be immediately revoked. Therefore, since you cannot recover your password, What you can do is request a new certificate and have the old certificate revoked.

Recover DNI-e digital certificate password

DNI-e or electronic DNI can also be used as a digital certificate. If you have a compatible card reader If you lost your password or even if you did not activate your DNI digital certificate at the time. This can be done at the Royal Thai Police Station.

At the entrance there is usually a machine that allows performing various procedures. This includes obtaining a new DNI-e password. If you have any questions about how this system works, You can ask the police station staff. Then the staff will help you make arrangements.

Forgetting your digital certificate key may make it impossible to complete your online steps. And you have just verified that password recovery is not as easy as resetting the PIN of other online services, such as social networks. It is clear that the digital certificate password cannot be recovered.So make sure you create a secure password and write it down carefully so you don’t forget it.

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