Ask the Google Assistant to “take me a selfie.”

Google "Take me for a selfie" and other voice commands

Google Assistant can perform a variety of actions. If you say “Take a selfie for me,” Google Assistant will take a photo of you and you can take a screenshot without touching your phone. It’s a great way to take group photos without having to worry about getting a good angle for your selfie.

Enough with Place the phone more or less where we want it., tell Google Assistant and wait. This step is automatic. Activate with voice command And it can use different camera or photo apps, depending on what you have installed on your phone. You just need to clearly command “Google, take a photo of me” and you will automatically have a photographer.


Google selfies and other orders

Google Assistant is a great tool for All types of actions. It can tell you the business hours of your favorite businesses, make a call or take a selfie directly. This function is easy and intuitive to activate. Just activate the assistant by saying “Ok Google” or “Hey Google” and then giving the command.

If you want to tell. Google “take me selfie”The camera app opens directly with the front lens. Some Androids also ask which application to use and can take photos with the main camera. We’ll tell you step-by-step how to take a selfie or take a photo with Google Assistant.

  • unlock phone screen
  • Call the assistant using “Ok Google” or “Hey Google.”
  • Tell him, “Take a selfie,” and wait for him to take the photo.

The instructions indicate that the assistant must not only open the application. But you also need to rotate the lens to use the front camera. On some Androids, commands need to be more precise, otherwise the image may appear with the main camera. For automatic photos, the wait time is 3 seconds. The shutter will work automatically without touching a button or any part of the screen.

Other Google Assistant options and functions

Google Assistant is a great tool for Get work done with your mobile phone Which is sometimes easy. But it requires opening the app and spending some time navigating between menus. by voice command The assistant can then complete specific tasks quickly. And by asking Google to “take a photo of me” or “take a selfie,” the process is automated and reduces wait times.

In any case, Google Assistant is more than just a digital photographer. We also use it to create agendas. You can also ask him to tell you a joke during a time when you’re not doing anything special.

How does Google Assistant work?

Control system and application settings

Google Assistant was also able to respond to our command to take a selfie. Control various app and system settings and configurations.. Using voice commands we can manage the volume. Screen brightness, video recording, call mute or show the history of actions performed on the mobile phone

Messages and calls

Specific actions related to calling and messaging can be automated and performed using voice commands. We can ask the Assistant to send a message, email, or call a stored contact. These are basic but time-saving operations.

Selfies, weather and more

With Google Assistant and the “Take me selfie” command, you can. Automate the process of taking front photos.. But there are also other configuration and search options. There are many more that the system can easily enable. Through voice commands, for example, you can check the weather and set the agenda for outdoor or indoor activities without pressing a single button on your phone.

Alarm configuration and activation

Another great utility of Google Assistant is its reminders, with voice recognition and activation. So we can create our reminder calendar in minutes. Just give a specific command. The assistant will then set your alarms and reminders. Make it a complete agenda system.


Although the choice Take a photo or take a selfie It really works and is very fast. Google Assistant is so much more than that. Can solve various mobile configuration and management problems. or save you time You don’t have to scroll between menus and options. But with a single command, the Assistant will go directly to the desired function.

Starting with Android 7.0 Nougat, voice control functionality has improved. Today we are dealing with highly optimized, versatile and powerful functionality. Thinking about how to get the most out of your assistant and voice commands? We’ve seen the most popular commands and how to take selfies using voice commands.

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