5 best applications to record race times

Competition time recording application

Running outdoors is one of the most popular physical activities. Not only does it help us maintain a healthy body. But it also helps us relieve stress and helps us spend our time in a pleasant way. For lovers of this type of exercise, we bring you the best application to record race times. With these tools We will be able to better control this activity.

One advantage of using these apps is access to accurate statistics. which gives us information about our performance If you know your body and your abilities Setting achievable goals will be easier. Both long term and short term there are superior incentives.

Here are some applications for recording race times:


Pedometer – step counter

Competition time recording application

This tool will help you stay in shape. By providing the necessary support to have a complete training record, this way It will be very easy to motivate yourself and have more perseverance.

What are their characteristics?

  • at Calories calculated based on heightA person’s width, age, and gait
  • Whether you hold the phone in your hand in the pocket or on the wristband You can record your steps automatically. Even if the screen is locked.
  • such as No GPS trackingConsumes very little battery
  • do Track your daily activities such as cycling, running, traveling or relaxing.
  • Check your success and Classified according to your steps
  • Also You can create widgets on your home screen. To display the real-time step count

is More than five million users are currently using this application. Rated 4.6 stars in the Google Store, it has accumulated more than 73,000 reviews, many of which are positive.

Running – Runner with map

Competition time recording application

This is one of the best apps for recording race times. It is very effective and practical. Gives you all the necessary tools for a powerful workout. Anyone interested in maintaining good physical condition can use this practical application.

What possibilities does this app offer?

  • Compare your performance with statistics. at different distances and time periods
  • Scientifically analyze your patterns. Training to improve performance
  • for Different fitness goalsThe same applies if you want to lose weight or keep in shape.
  • Use this app if you want to run Or are you training for a marathon?
  • It’s not just a weight loss application. But it is also a running distance tracker.Running apps, walking apps, distance trackers Calorie counter and step meter

Currently there is A relatively positive rating of 4.8 stars on the Play Store. which you can download for free It has reached ten million downloads, a huge number. One of the best things about this app is the simplicity it offers. This is one of the reasons for this app’s success.

FITAPP: Run, Walk, Step

Competition time recording application

With this app, your training will be more fun. and facilitates days when we lack energy and motivation. While you tour, you can take photos. Go to your favorite route Show your best and share with everyone.

What is its main function?

  • Lose weight easilyIt can track your weight and count calories according to your needs.
  • Track periodDistance and pace with GPS Tracking
  • Voice response About total time, calories, distance, current speed, average pace
  • Record your run, time, speed.Height and calorie consumption with the app
  • Use GPS to help you In all types of sports activities, whether it be running, jogging Cycling, skating, mountain biking, nordic walking Cross-country skiing, hiking, golfing, horseback riding, or even dog walking.
  • It also helps you lose weight.Count calories. Maintain your ideal weight. Or just keep yourself in shape?

Rated 4.6 stars, it is one of the most attention-grabbing race time recording applications. It’s free to download and you can do it through the Play Store. It has a warm interface that will make it easier for you to use it.

running to lose weight, running


it is Advanced activity tracker that records distance, speed, duration and calories burned during exercise It’s also a running route tracker that clearly records your running route on a GPS map. You’ll be able to see the details of your activity in real time.

We found some interesting functions in this app.

  • auto follow of your training progress
  • Tracking calories distance time and real-time steps
  • Calculate distance Total and average steps
  • do Tracking evolution of weight on the graph
  • Personal training reminders
  • Training information On the treadmill, it can be fixed manually.
  • Detailed training tracking

This versatile application can be found for free in the Play Store. It has great reviews from users. It received a rating of 4.9 stars. The number of downloads is more than one million. which shows good acceptance

stopwatch timer


If you like running or walking This app will help you never miss out on your performance. This is important not only to gain more motivation. but also to preserve your health.. It is one of the most used applications for recording race times.

How can we use its functions?

  • for Mark the cycle, press the left button.An hour hand is added to the analog stopwatch to reset the stopwatch by pressing the right button.
  • You can access the rotating list. with the drop-down menu in the top bar or by simply swiping left.
  • Set the stopwatch countdown. Easily and quickly by dragging the second and minute hands. Or use the classic method by pressing the left button.
  • Start and stop the stopwatch by pressing the middle button.You’ll be able to see the elapsed time on the digital screen at the top and also on the analog screen.
  • To reset Press the right button and the machine will set the last time of use. If you press and hold the button The timer will reset to zero.

It has been downloaded more than ten million times. This application has been praised by internet users many times.The number of reviews in the Play Store has increased to over 214,000. The final rating is 4.7 stars.

We hope that in this article You have discovered the most effective application for recording race times. With these tools You can without a doubt improve your training. and pursue clear and achievable goals. If you know of another app in this category that we forgot to mention? Please let us know in the comments.

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